"To have" wishes

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If you wish for a "To Have" wish, there’s a whole world of options to explore!

From special celebrations and exciting experiences, to getting your hands on the latest gear, you might have a hard time choosing only one!

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Holidays & celebrations

Jack, 10, "I wish to have a prom for my 10th birthday"

A birthday celebration

Is it your birthday soon? If so, let’s double the celebrations and get the party started! A birthday and a wish are the perfect combination. We will be your personal party planners and organise some birthday deliveries direct to your front door to kick off the fun, including some of the following items:

  • Venue
  • Entertainer
  • Gifts
  • Decorations
  • Birthday Cake
  • Piñata
  • Games
  • Party food
  • Outfit/costume

"She loved her day she was smiling all day long so thank you so very much. Thank you for making her Birthday so very special."

Wish family

Ellie standing in front of the brightly lit wish tree, outside her house - Image © Phil Harris, Daily Mirror.

Ellie, 17, "I wish to have a Christmas wonderland at home"

A seasonal experience

Does your family love when the Easter bunny comes to visit? Do you want to celebrate Christmas in June? Is there something we could do to make Eid extra special? Your Wishgranter will speak with you about why the event is important to you, and we'll tailor the experience to your liking and interests, and can arrange some of the following:

  • Decorations and lights
  • Gifts
  • Meal delivery
  • Personalised gift bags
  • Craft and home-baking kits
  • Seasonal bedding
  • Cosy pyjamas
  • Movies
  • Family games
  • Character visits to your front door

"It was absolutely amazing, we were a bit shocked, it was magical I can’t believe there were people and neighbours singing, Martha absolutely loved every second. After they had gone Martha and Georgia just kept looking at the sky looking for Father Christmas flying home."

Wish family

A staycation

Once you’ve told us all about what you love and enjoy, we will deliver everything to your front door for an exciting holiday in the comfort and safety of your own home. If you can’t go out, we’ll bring the fun to you! Here’s some suggestions to get your imagination going:

  • Teepee sleepover for your child and siblings
  • Meal/snacks delivery
  • Karaoke
  • Face paints
  • Equipment to watch movies
  • Family games
  • Craft kits
  • Ingredients for a family bake-off
  • Self-pampering treats such as nail, hair, face goodies

… the possibilities are endless!

Nature & the outdoors

An evening under the stars

There’s lots of things we can provide to create a special evening right on your doorstep. Let’s combine the comfort of inside with the magical atmosphere of outdoors. Sit back in an inflatable hot tub, get snug under a blanket to watch your favourite film, or gaze up at the stars with your new telescope. Keep your eyes open for a shooting star!

Mia's family enjoying their playset

Mia, 4, "I wish to have a climbing frame and trampoline"

Garden play equipment

Why not take the fun outside and have the best play equipment in your own garden? You can choose from one of the following, and have all your friends round to play on your brand-new equipment:

  • Above-ground trampoline
  • Climbing frame
  • Swing and slide set

"We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. It means so so much just to see that smile on Alfie’s face."

Wish family

A petting zoo in your garden

Sometimes we just want a cuddle, and nothing beats the company of a special furry friend or your dream pet. Having a petting zoo wish lets you get up close and personal with animals you don’t see every day. You can enjoy quality time making new friends. We also hear they are pretty good at keeping secrets...

Please note, the possibility of this wish type would be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We're not able to guarantee which animals will be available on the day…

Hot tubs & pools

Oliver smiling as he floats in his spa pool with his mum's arms supporting him.

Three-year-old Oliver wished to have a spa pool

Hot tub

Are you looking for a way to maximise your relaxation time? Would you like to be able to immerse yourself in total serenity from your own home? If so, a bespoke, hard-shell hot tub with jets could be a great option for you!

We would include:

  • Delivery and installation of the hot tub
  • Heavy duty cover
  • Filter
  • Side steps
  • Chemical pack
  • VIP membership with our trusted hot tub supplier which provides you with 20% discount off future filter and chemical purchases and next day delivery

Please note: your property will need to meet certain electric, access, water and permission requirements for a hot tub.

"My wish was to have a hot tub for me to enjoy with my family and friends. I’m very thankful to Make-A-Wish for the wish and it’s been amazing during the lockdown as I’ve able to spend a lot of time in it with my family."

Wish child

Inflatable hot tub or paddling pool

Are you a big fan of the water? Maybe you want to take it with you wherever you go? Well with an inflatable hot tub or paddling pool, you can. Whether it’s cooling off on a summer’s day or warming up on a frosty evening, you can have your own private pool in your garden.

We would include:

  • Inflatable hot tub or paddling pool
  • Floor protector
  • Small gazebo to ensure the tub or paddling pool can be enjoyed no matter the weather
  • Fairy Lights for Gazebo, to make it look pretty

Please note: an outdoor power supply would be required for the inflatable hot tub.

Gaming & technology

Gaming laptop/PC

Transport yourself to new worlds, connect with friends and complete new challenges with your choice of gaming system delivered direct to your home. You can choose a unique gaming package including some of the following items:

  • Gaming laptop or desktop PC
  • Monitor
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Gaming mouse
  • Speakers or headset

Please note, we do not offer any additional accessories, installation, or ongoing subscriptions.

"Lennon has also been using his computer for school as well as gaming which is great. They are over the moon with it. One positive of it all is that he now sees his room as somewhere he wants to go."

Wish family

Games console/handheld system

If you enjoy bagging goals on FIFA, creating new worlds in Minecraft, or battling it out on your favourite games then treat yourself to the newest consoles and games to enjoy. We'll arrange delivery of the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox X, along with controllers and games vouchers to give you everything you need to game like a pro.

Hayley standing in front of her new gaming set up.

Hayley, 18, "I wish to have a PS5 games console"

Oculus virtual reality headset

Explore the impossible and escape to places you’ve always dreamed of - no day is the same when you live in a virtual reality! This can transport you to faraway places and fantasy locations. We'll provide both the headset and games.

Apple products

I need more independence. I can’t store all my photos. I want a better camera. I need an upgrade. I need support with my studies. I want to be more creative. I need to stay connected to my friends.

If any of these are you then choosing one of the following Apple products to be delivered straight to you at home might be exactly what you need:

  • iPhone (any model)
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad / iPad Air / iPad Pro /iPad Mini
  • MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13”
  • iMac

Please note, we are unable to purchase AppleCare+ but you would be able to purchase this separately with Apple.

Wish child, Bluebelle, grinning while holding her laptop.

Bluebelle, 6, "I wish to have MacBook"

"She has had a look at the website and would love the iPhone 12 Pro in gold. She has a huge smile on her face, we can’t thank you enough. You have certainly made her dreams come true."

Wish family


I need more independence. I can’t store all my photos. I want a better camera. I need an upgrade. I need support with my studies. I want to be more creative. I need to stay connected to my friends. BUT I don’t want an Apple product.

No problem! We will provide a computer package that includes some of the following items to be ordered by your Wishgranter for delivery direct to your front door:

  • Laptop or desktop PC
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speakers or headset

Please note, we do not offer any additional accessories or installation.

Accessibility & sensory aids

An Aura LED projector, used for sensory play.

Touch based communication device

There is power in being able to live life on your terms and not having to worry about having a communication device that limits where or how you communicate. Whether you’re a symbol-based communicator just starting out, or fully literate, with the I-110 you will always be able to choose which solution works best for you.

More than an all-in-one solution, the I-110 is a communication companion that’s ready to get started out-of-the-box. As you begin your journey with the I-110, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can take it with you anywhere, rain or shine - because why should your adventure stop at the front door?

Eye gaze communication device

PCEye is a new compact eye tracker that gives individuals with physical disabilities a flexible way to operate a computer with their eyes. Surf the web and create documents. Play games. Make video calls and post on social – all with your eyes.

The PCEye Assistive Eye Tracker with compatible tablet allows you to access all the functions of a Windows computer, including small and large screens, both indoors and out, completely independently. Use it to talk, write, draw, watch films, get on social media, even play games. Perfect if you want to immerse yourself in a sensory environment which you control.

Please speak with a Wishgranter if you would like more details on the packages, we are able to provide.

Electric wheelchair – Little Wizard

The Little Wizard’ is a bespoke wheelchair created just for Make-A-Wish! Designed for manoeuvrability and comfort, the Little Wizard is ideal for the home, school and limited outdoor use. It has a very tight turning circle which maximises accessibility, as well as being very responsive and agile. The Little Wizard is available in various colours, too!

Epilepsy alarm/seizure detection device

A seizure monitoring device could be perfect for your family if your child has epilepsy. This clever technology can alert others of an imminent seizure, giving peach of mind to parents or care givers. Devices are generously provided by Epilepsy Alarms UK, a trusted provider of epilepsy alarms and sensors in the UK. To view the full range of devices available please speak to a Wishgranter.

Sensory equipment

Are you someone who enjoys exploring the world of sensory play? Do you get excited by bright colours? Do you enjoy touching and listening to everything around you? If so, sensory equipment might be for you!

Lights, textures, sounds and sights can provide a whole new experience of the world around you, or even let you see your world in a whole new way. Sensory equipment can provide stimulating sensations and change your mood, regardless of the world outside. You can be energised and excited or calmed and restored - you choose.

Your Wishgranter will have more details about the amazing sensory packages that have been put together by our friends at Rhino Sensory UK.

A musical waterbed provided by our partner for sensory equipment, Rhino UK.

A musical waterbed from our sensory equipment partners, Rhino UK

"Meghan is so tactile and likes to touch everything so sensory equipment which she can safely touch will keep her amused for hours. From the minute she gets up till going to bed, she makes her way straight to the bubble tube and loves to touch it to turn it on! She absolutely loves it! The new sensory equipment will enrich Meghan’s life in so many ways!"

Wish family

Other ideas

Tiara wearing her princess dress and sparkly tiara.

Tiara, 4, "I wish to have a princess-themed bedroom makeover"

Bedroom upgrade

Turn your bedroom into your favourite room in the house. We'll help to create a unique personal space tailored to your needs and desires. With your ideas, we'll transform your room into a space to escape, a space to play, a place to learn and a space to dream.

Where possible, bedroom makeover wishes will be granted in the local community. We'll monitor local restrictions before confirming when the wish can be granted.

Your Wishgranter will have more details about the amazing bedroom upgrade packages that have been put together by our friends at Kinderoo Childrens Interiors.

Please note, we're unable to provide: 

  • Building works/alterations 
  • Plastering 
  • Flooring
  • Electrical works including moving of sockets, light fixtures etc.
  • Any other electrical items including large TVs, computers and games consoles 
  • TV beds

Special interests

Have you recently discovered a new interest and want to get stuck in? We'd love to discuss your hobbies and create a totally unique wish based on the things you love.

A smiling Dakota, proudly showing off a dinosaur-themed cake she's made.

Dakota, 11, "I wish to have cookery equipment"

Learning new skills

Do you want to be the next top chef, learn a musical instrument, or learn another language? If you need to upgrade your equipment or want expert advice, we can provide the things you need to take you to the next level, whether you’re starting out or going pro.

Online shopping spree

Are you a shopaholic? Have you got your eye on something special? Just tell us what you fancy, and we’ll help come up with your shopping list and provide the vouchers for you to get spending. You can use the vouchers to order online and arrange delivery that suits you.

"He bought toys and clothes and was over the moon it could be anything he wanted. He’s been so overwhelmed and happy that he has had the opportunity to get whatever he wanted, and still he had to make sure his siblings were happy too - they all had a wonderful time!"

Wish family

Other types of wish...

"To Be" wishes

If you could be anything for a day what would it be? A ‘To Be’ wish will transform you into the star of the show and your home into the stage.

To Be wishes

"To Meet" wishes

A "To Meet" wish allows you to invite your favourite person into your home (virtually, of course) to spend some quality time with YOU.

To Meet wishes

"To Go" wishes

From visiting your favourite attraction, to a special holiday with your family, a 'To Go' wish can transport you a magical place.

To Go wishes

Important wish restrictions

Please read this section for important information around restrictions on the wishes we can currently grant.