"To Go" wishes

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Do you want to capture some new memories? There's a whole world of options to explore with our ‘To Go’ wishes. From UK holidays to attending an exciting event, what are you going to pick?

Where would you like to go?

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UK theme park

Are you a bit of a thrill-seeker? Do you love theme park rides? Why not spend a night or two at one of the UK’s top attractions. Whether meeting Peppa Pig at Paultons Park is your thing or staying in a Mr Tumble room at CBeebies Land, there are plenty of options to choose from with our UK theme park wishes.

UK zoo or safari park

Want to get up close and personal with your favourite zoo animal? If so, this would be the perfect wish for you! Spend a day or two learning about the animals and let them entertain you.

Some of our favourite zoos and safari parks do offer zookeeper experiences. However, please note that there are age restrictions in place for these activities, and usually children under the age of seven are unable to take part.

Caden passing the monkey enclosure during his safari.

Eight-year old Caden wished to see the animals at a safari park

"Let your children dream, it is their imagination that will support your children through their adventure, so jump on-board and hold on tight. Remember your own imagination."

Caden's dad, Bryan, when asked if he had a message for a family at the beginning of their journey.

UK city break

Fancy taking a trip on the London Eye or seeing the sights from the top of The Shard? Our London sightseeing wishes will give you the opportunity to learn all about England’s great capital city - you may even get a glimpse of the Queen’s residence!

However, you may prefer a spa break in Bath, to see the sights in Edinburgh, or see your favourite West End show. Whichever UK city you choose, we’ll do all we can to make the trip feel magical.

UK shopping spree

Want to indulge in some of your favourite things? How about treating yourself to a shopping trip for the day. We can organise for you to visit your most loved stores, finishing with a well-earned meal to re-fuel after your busy day of shopping!

Hattie and her sister, Martha excitedly collecting their new shoes from Kickgame.

16-year-old Hattie wished to go on a London shopping spree

"The first time I was in London I was in a wheelchair, unable to walk properly. This time I was in a limo, going shopping and meeting my favourite YouTubers!"

Hattie, speaking about her wish

UK sporting events or music concerts

Are you a sporting fan or really into your music? Would you like to go to a football match and cheer on your team, or scream your loudest watching your favourite artist perform? Tell us all about your sporting/music interests and let us explore the rest!

Archie holding up a Liverpool FC scarf outside Anfield Stadium.

Nine-year-old Archie wished to go to Anfield and watch Liverpool play

"I’ve been outside the stadium, but I haven’t been inside. That would be my dream come true."

Archie, talking about how much his wish would mean to him

UK holidays

Would you like to explore a new part of the UK with your loved ones? Or perhaps you’d like to stay at a UK holiday park where you can make long lasting memories at the onsite waterparks, restaurants and entertainment. If so, a UK holiday is a great option for you!

Lila and her sister smiling and sitting by the pool with a real life mermaid.

Six-year-old Lila wished to go on holiday to Cornwall with her family

"We hadn’t had a moment to relax since she finished her treatment. This wish would be a moment for us where everything was taken care of."

Deborah, Lila's mum

Other types of wish...

"To Have" wishes

From special celebrations and exciting experiences, to getting your hands on the latest gear, you might have a hard time choosing only one!

To Have wishes

"To Be" wishes

If you could be anything for a day what would it be? A ‘To Be’ wish will transform you into the star of the show and your home into the stage.

To be wishes

"To Meet" wishes

A "To Meet" wish allows you to invite your favourite person into your home (virtually, of course) to spend some quality time with YOU.

To Meet wishes

Important wish restrictions

Please read this section for important information around restrictions on the wishes we can currently grant.