Choosing your wish

Great news - we can still grant wishes!

In March 2020 Covid-19 forced us to suspend new referrals for wishes for the first time in our history. We’ve also had to adapt the types of wishes that we can grant to ensure wish children still have the best experience possible, working closely with our local communities to grant wishes across the UK.

Despite many challenges, we’re now extremely pleased to be reopening referrals, at a limited capacity, for wishes that we can grant given the current restrictions.

Scroll down to see some of the imaginative and magical wishes being granted.

"To Be" wishes...

Allan standing on the bonnet of a police car with armed response officers.

Allan, 7, "I wish to be a police officer"

If you could be anything for a day what would it be? Whatever you dream of being, a "To Be" wish will transform you into the star of the show and your home into the stage for it to happen.

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