Governance and leadership

As an organisation, Make-A-Wish UK is made up of paid members of staff and volunteers who kindly give their time. 

Like all charities, we are led by a Chair and Board of Trustees (non-executive directors). They are also volunteers who work together to provide strategic direction and guidance to the charity, and ensure the charity is fulfilling its mission. 

How the Board works is set out in this Governance Handbook

Governance Handbook (PDF)

Meet the Trustees


Meet the Senior Leadership Team

The day-to-day operation of Make-A-Wish is led by a team of three directors who have strategic and functional responsibilities. They are led by a Chief Executive, who reports to the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

As an organisation that strives for transparency, we’re happy to share that the salary of Make-A-Wish UK's CEO is £95,459 and the Directors receive a salary of £83,840.

Senior leadership team

Jason Suckley

Jamie Macdonald

Director of Wishes, Communities & People

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Stephanie Witt

Director of Income & Engagement

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Sarah Watson

Director of Finance & Technology

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