How your money helps

For eight-year-old Zachariah, a series of mobility limiting conditions had left him unable to do the thing that he loves the most: exploring the great outdoors. But his wish to have an off-roading buggy has expanded his world as he can now venture out onto a multitude of different terrains.

With your support, we can grant life-changing wishes for other children like Zachariah, reviving childhoods, bringing light and joy to dark times, and enabling seriously ill children and young people to be so much more than a patient. 

Zachariah with his mum and dad while visiting his local park in his new buggy.

£7 could buy a bucket and spade so a wish child who has never been on holiday before can enjoy time playing in the sand with their loved ones.

£10 could help buy cupcakes for a child whose wish is to have a tea party with their favourite TV character.

£15 could help buy furnishings for a child who wishes for a transformational bedroom makeover.

£20 could help buy dinner for a child whose wish is to go to London to spend the day with their family seeing the sights.

£30 could help dress a little princess or firefighter in their very own costume for their magical wish.

£50 could help buy a football shirt for a child to look the part on their wish to watch their favourite team play.

£80 could help buy a sensory toy that lights up and plays sounds for a wish child with complex needs as part of their bedroom makeover.

£100 could help pay for a teenager to have a makeover as part of a confidence-boosting experience on their wish.

£150 could help buy tickets for a child who wishes to see a London theatre show.

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and help us grant life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. 

"To go through so much, yet remain so wonderfully happy just shows what an incredible child Zachariah is. His buggy will will give us the opportunity to go higher and further."

Rochelle, Zachariah's mum