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Hayley's wish...

“I wish to have a PS5 Games Console”

18 years old, Glasgow

Tetralogy of Fallot

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What's your idea of a typical gamer? Does it look like Hayley? Because it is. Amongst many interests, Hayley enjoys the escape and freedom that gaming allows her, so her wish for a brand-new PlayStation 5 was just the thing to help Hayley indulge herself in her own room in her own world.

Hayley's story

October 2019

Hayley sitting on the sofa with her mum, dad, brother and the family dog.

Hayley with her mum, dad, brother and the family dog

Hayley, 18, from Glasgow has a keen interest in make-up, fashion and elephants! She's currently at university, but like most, is studying at home which means she can spend lots of time with the beloved family dog. Mum Irene described Hayley as “A bubbly character with a kind heart” but she couldn’t help telling us “She has her moments!” 

One moment that will stay with Hayley’s family forever is when she was born prematurely at four pounds, four ounces and was subsequently diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) - four related heart defects that affect the way blood flows to the lungs and through the heart - at one week old. At 18 months Hayley needed open-heart surgery.

Her mum Irene remembers: “It was heart-breaking. You see this tiny thing going away and it’s hours before you know anything.”

A week later, Hayley had fluid in her lungs which had to be drained and five years ago she had a stent fitted to help her arteries function correctly. Now, Hayley has occasional chest pains and fatigue which she finds frustrating. She will need further heart surgery later in life.

Irene shared the biggest impact on Hayley’s illness on their family: “We panicked a lot about small pains. My son felt left out at times because of the attention Hayley needed.”

Hayley lying in her hospital bed holding a cuddly toy during treatment for her condition.

Hayley in hospital, undergoing treatment for her condition

Hayley's wish

March 2021

After hearing about Make-A-Wish through a TOF group online, Hayley met with her Wish Visitors to capture her wish, but unfortunately Covid restrictions forced her to rethink. As a result, Hayley decided to indulge her enjoyment of gaming.

Hayley said: “I’ve always wanted to get another gaming console since I had to throw my Xbox away as it stopped working but haven’t been able to afford to get one.”

Her Wishgranter, Debbie, did what Hayley’s cousin couldn’t manage in a year of trying and secured a coveted PlayStation 5! To make it extra special Debbie arranged for a new TV, additional controller, headset and vouchers for new games to be delivered to Hayley’s door to make for a fantastic gaming experience.

“She was so excited about it!” Irene told us.

Hayley standing in front of her new gaming set up.

Hayley with her new gaming set up

Why gaming?

“I started getting into gaming when I was about 10 when I got my first Nintendo DS. I then started loving it so got a PSP and then an X-Box 360. I also love playing Sims 4 on my laptop and am never off it!

"I love how I can ignore any outside problems going on and escape into my own world, in my control. I also love how I can enjoy something so simple from the comfort of my own room. If it's bad weather outside, or if I’m stuck in bed sick, I can stick on my PlayStation and get lost in my own world for a few hours."


“My favourite game is The Sims™4. I love how I can build my own world and play my own characters. It's all within my control. I also enjoy playing the new Spiderman game as it gives me a bit of a challenge and keeps me on my toes. I find it exciting to play!

The impact of Hayley's wish

June 2021

Hayley said: “My favourite part of my wish was getting the PS5 delivered. It was the highlight of my week; I couldn’t stop playing it! I love being able to just play my favourite games whenever I want and it never bores me! It has kept me busy and amused when I’ve been unwell and stuck in my bed.” 

“I think people who are not often sick don’t know that gaming helps us who are sick often still have fun when we are stuck in bed and are feeling down and can’t get out to have fun. There are also some things sick children can’t do, for example I am not allowed to go on carnival rides, however gaming allows me to still have fun.”

Hayley facing away from the camera, playing a Spiderman game on her PS5.

Hayley playing one of her favourite games, Spiderman

"Young people like me need a wish because it brings joy and happiness into our lives. We face so much pain and stress and worry on a daily basis, but having a wish allows us to have fun and take a break from all that worry."


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