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Will you donate £5 a month to give a child like Joseph an escape from pain, and the chance to have fun as a family again?

In April 2016, aged six, Joseph was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Within a week, he was having life-saving brain surgery. Joseph battled through 30 doses of radiotherapy to the brain and spine and eight rounds of chemotherapy, living in hospital for five months before he eventually got to ‘ring the bell’ to signify the end of his treatment at Easter 2017.

To continue his rehabilitation, doctors suggested Joseph should apply to Make-A-Wish UK and in April 2018 his wish to drive construction vehicles came true.

Joseph’s epic crane drive is just one example of the experiences you help us conjure up thanks to your monthly gift. Whether it's being a vet, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a bedroom makeover, every wish is different – but always personal and life-changing.

Together, we can help more children like Joseph experience the magic of a wish. Become a wishgranter today.

Be a wishgranter

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