"To be" wishes

icons depicting a mortar board, superhero and tiara

"To Be" wishes are your opportunity to transform into the person from your dreams.

Powerful policemen, amazing astronauts, or pesky pirates may be your thing. Or maybe you’d prefer to be a precious princess, a handsome hero or a mesmerizing musician...

Whatever you dream of being, we'll transform you into the star, and your home into the stage for it to happen.


Other types of wish...

"To Have" wishes

From special celebrations and exciting experiences, to getting your hands on the latest gear, you might have a hard time choosing only one!

To Have wishes

"To Meet" wishes

A "To Meet" wish allows you to invite your favourite person into your home (virtually, of course) to spend some quality time with YOU.

To Meet wishes

"To Go" wishes

From visiting your favourite attraction, to a special holiday with your family, a 'To Go' wish can transport you a magical place.

To Go wishes

Important wish restrictions

Please read this section for important information around restrictions on the wishes we can currently grant.