Our strategy

Our purpose

Together, we create joy, happiness and magical memories through life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Our vision

To create a wish for every eligible child.

To enable us to grant as many life-changing wishes as possible and to deliver a magical wish for each child, we carry out a programme of fundraising. This is intended to generate enough funds to meet current demand and maintain appropriate cash reserves to cover future foreseeable needs.

Critical to our mission are the efforts of our volunteer force and the essential generosity of our donors. We strive to widen and deepen our relationship with both.

We have four strategic goals in place to help us deliver our mission:

  • Our wishes create joyful memories that have an enduring impact
  • Our community will create an accessible wish experience for every child
  • We will increase our capability to deliver our goals
  • We will grow our income and awareness

To do this we have a shared set of values and behaviours that will enable us to be the people and the charity that wish children need us to be. They lead the way in everything we do.

We are dedicated, creative, kind and caring. We earn the trust of our wish children, their families, the communities in which we operate and our supporters. We consider the impact of our actions on others.

We are one community united in our ambition to bring lasting impact to every child and young person, and their families. ​We stay true to who we are, stand up for what we believe in and our differences are celebrated.

We believe in the dreams of every child and young person. ​We inspire hope and courage to search for rainbows and reach for the stars. We build excitement, invent, create and do things that have never been done before.