STARboard member, Darshan wild swimming in a wetsuit with a big smile on his face.

My name is Darshan and I'm 16 years old. I live in Berkhamsted, which is a town just north of London. When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with a germ cell germinoma brain tumour. I am now six years in remission, even though it was a horrible experience I really feel it has taught me a lot. 

During Covid I was delighted to be granted a wish. I was lucky enough to receive equipment for a home gym. This meant a lot to me as I really enjoy exercising and keeping fit, and I'm a keen swimmer. I believe that everything I've been through has shown me that health is everything. This has led to me wanting to make sure I can keep myself in remission and prevent a relapse. The gym helps me with my goal. Make-A-Wish gave me something to fight for throughout my entire treatment. 

I'm forever grateful to the charity and donors. Being a part of STARboard would make me feel as if I can give back to the people who helped me, and to those who are now in the position I was in six years ago. With the whole STARboard team I'd like to help others feel special and have the resilience and the hope I know we need in order to get through these unwanted life situations. I truly believe that I'll bring positivity to the team. I really enjoy working in a collaborative environment. I can’t wait to help make decisions and influence choices that I believe are supportive to the charity’s vision and strategy. I would really like to improve my communication skills and confidence. I believe STARboard will be a perfect opportunity to cultivate these.

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