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Lottie's wish...

“I wish to have a circus bedroom makeover”

5 years old, North Devon

Wilms' tumour

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Lottie is five years old and has a rare kidney cancer known as Wilms’ tumour. She lives in North Devon with her parents, brothers and sisters. Her wish was for a circus-themed bedroom makeover.

Lottie's story

September 2019

Lottie, sleeping in her hospital bed during treatment

Lottie sleeping in hospital during her treatment

Lottie's Mum, Danni, told us: “Our hearts broke when we were told the news about Lottie’s diagnosis. She’d been complaining of back pain for a few days and wasn’t her usual bouncy self. We took her to the doctor twice and were told she had possible kidney infection. When they checked her appendix, they found a mass on her kidney and later that day, another scan confirmed it was kidney cancer.

“It's not something you can prepare for, even if it’s what you suspected. But Lottie took it all in her stride. She didn’t understand what was wrong with her, and to tell the truth she was loving the attention from everyone! The next few weeks were full of fear and stress as Lottie was sent for lots of tests and scans. It was the worst time of our lives.

Wish child Lottie in hospital before her wish

Lottie wearing a home-made hat during her treatment

“Lottie has been lucky in the grand scheme of things, but she’s been through a whirlwind few months. Having her kidney removed along with the tumour, and then more chemotherapy afterwards completely knocked her confidence. She was so tired all the time and had to be off school because her immune system was so low. She missed out on friends’ parties and gave up acrobatics as she was too run down to participate.

“However, the future looks good for her. Her treatment has been successful and she’s in remission now. She’ll have scans and chest X-rays every three months. It's a stressful time on scan days hoping that the cancer hasn’t returned. But for now, she’s doing well and we are truly thankful.

Wish child Lottie with her parents and the end of treatment bell

Lottie and her parents celebrating the end of her treatment

"The best thing about Lottie is how proud she makes us. She’s been through a lot, but she never complains. If she hurts herself or is due to have a test, she always says ‘Well I've been through worse things, so I'll be fine!’ She’s taught us that we can get through anything as long as we are together."

Danni, Lottie's mum

Lottie smiling bravely during her treatment in hospital.

Lottie smiling bravely during her treatment

Lottie's wish

September 2019

“Lottie’s social worker told us about Make-A-Wish a couple of weeks after she was diagnosed. At the time, we were so overwhelmed with her diagnosis and thinking about treatment, there didn’t seem to be time for anything else. When she was given a date for her operation to remove her kidney and tumour, we decided to concentrate on things she could look forward to.

“We want Lottie to have a safe, fun place to be herself again. She has a crazy sense of humour and is lots of fun to be around. She loves acrobatics and is always bouncing around the house, climbing things and she loves singing along to songs on the radio.

"When we asked Lottie about her wish, she said: ‘I want my bedroom decorated like an acrobatic circus, with bouncy floors, monkey bars and a climbing wall. I would like hula hoops, balls and a swing so I can practice gymnastics and get more exercise.’"

Danni, Lottie's mum

Thanks to your generosity, Lottie's wish has now been granted and you can check out her amazing circus-themed bedroom below... 

Lottie now has a climbing wall next to her bunk beds.
Lottie's wall mounted climbing frame, complete with slide.
A red and white, big top-themed canopy hangs over Lottie's bunk bed.
Lottie's wall mounted climbing frame, complete with slide.

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