Wish stories

Emilia-Mae's wish...

“I wish to meet Mr Tumble!”

6 years old, Devon

Acute myeloid leukaemia

100% funded

Emilia-Mae is six years old and, like many children her age, she loves chips. Followed by chocolate cake! She also loves Mr Tumble and she really enjoys watching his shows with all of the characters. It's no surprise then that her One True Wish was to meet Tumble in person

Emilia-Mae's story

Emilia-Mae has Down’s syndrome, she also has a hole in the heart, together with hyper-mobility syndrome, which means her lower limbs are very flexible.

In October 2012, Emilia-Mae’s family were given the devastating diagnosis that she had acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

"It knocks you sideways; it takes all your fight out. It does bring you down and we had some dark days."

Michael, Emilia-Mae's dad

Emilia-Mae started treatment, which was supposed to start working within 28 days, but it took three and a half months. It was a really worrying time for all her family.

Emilia-Mae and her family sometimes use Makaton to communicate and Mr Tumble uses Makaton on his show; that’s one of the reasons why Emilia-Mae’s wish was to meet Mr Tumble.

Emilia-Mae with Mr Tumble

Emilia-Mae meeting Mr Tumble

Emilia-Mae's wish

Earlier this year, Emilia-Mae and her family, Dad Michael, Mum Trudy, older brothers Zach (15) and Finley (10) and younger sister Patience (3) along with some of our other wish families, travelled to Reading to spend a morning with Mr Tumble.

Mr Tumble greeted all of the wish children and their families one by one, signing ‘Hello’ in Makaton and he talked about all the different characters like Grandad Tumble. The families then joined in with a group sing-along to ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and other favourite songs.

After the group sing-along, Emilia-Mae and all her family spent some time having a chat with Mr Tumble. The family had their photo taken so that they could remember their special day and Emilia-Mae also received some special goodies.

How Emilia-Mae's wish helped

Emilia-Mae’s mum, Trudy said: “Having a wish does lift your spirits; it’s a bit of us time, a bit of fun, a bit of laughter.”

Michael added, “It’s something that reflectively will help, and for the boys as well, because they remember the cancer; Emilia-Mae will never remember having cancer, but she’ll look back at her early childhood and remember meeting Mr Tumble.”

"We want to dilute the bad memories with these fantastic experiences and today has given us probably the best experience of their lives so far."

Michael, Emilia-Mae's dad

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