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Wish child Lexie smiling in her car seat
I wish to go on holiday

Lexi, who was diagnosed with leukaemia and severe global development delay, has wished to go on a family holiday to Mallorca! 

Five-year-old Lexi from Lincolnshire has faced challenge after challenge since birth, and going on a family holiday somewhere warm has been out of the question until now. 

The first diagnosis 

Around six months old, Lee-Ann and Kris noticed their baby wasn’t hitting the milestones they expected her to. It took months of pushing for tests before an MRI at ten months old revealed that the middle of Lexi’s brain was missing. This means that the two halves don’t communicate properly.

Lexie in a toy car laughing

Dad, Kris, says, “At that moment, we just broke down crying. It felt like our world had ended, but there was this strange sense of relief too – all the worry, it wasn’t just in our imaginations. The support we’ve had since then has been amazing though. Lexi’s developmental age is about that of a six-month-old. Although she can’t walk, she is learning a few words and has such a strong personality."

Lexi’s the boss!

"Lexi has two older brothers, and loves to crawl around after them and have little nonsense arguments with them over nothing at all, then she breaks into laughter! She’s definitely the boss! On Christmas Eve she even sat up all on her own. It was an incredible moment for our family.

That’s what makes me so proud of Lexi, her perseverance. She never gives up, even when she gets upset because she can’t do something like keep up with her brothers, she still perseveres."

The second diagnosis - leukaemia

It’s all hands on deck at home, and as Lexi grows, she’ll need more support. Matters worsened when, aged two, Lexi was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Lexie during treatment with no hair and a nasal tube

She faced two and half years of chemotherapy treatment. After the first few months, the family were told Lexi’s chemo wasn’t working, and she needed more intensive treatment.

Kris says, “She was having 7-10 treatments every week, but she had a smile on her face all the way through and that kept the rest of us going. It was tough on the whole family. Her brothers have missed out on a lot – birthdays, Easter, just quality time with their mum and I.”

It almost brought us to tears

After a long battle, Lexi finished treatment for leukaemia at the end of June 2017. She’s in remission, and while she has to return to hospital for checks every six weeks, together with bi-annual reviews for her disability, for now she is back home with her family.

Lexie smiling

Kris added, “We’re turning to Make-A-Wish for the chance to get away from all the chaos that’s eaten up the last three and a half years of our lives, and for the chance to simply enjoy each others’ company. To go on a family holiday together will be a wish come true. Lexi loves the water and splashing, so we’ll be spending lots of time around the pool. She is a water child at heart!

"It almost brought my wife to tears when I told her Lexi’s wish could be granted. It’s something so far beyond what we could do for her ourselves, and it will be a cherished memory for many years to come.”

All-inclusive hotel £3,500; Transport £200; Meals £60; Activities £375; Expenses £160; Total £4,295

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