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Important information about wish referrals

In March 2020, we were forced to suspend wish referrals for the first time in our history because of Covid-19, though we have continued to accept wishes for children with an urgent prognosis.

But we’re now extremely pleased to be reopening referrals for wishes from health and social professionals so that we can continue to strive towards our vision to create a wish for every eligible child.

However, we are currently able to accept a limited number of referrals each month to help manage the delays and changes of existing wishes because of the virus.

Please visit our referral page to see whether the number of referrals received for the month has been reached.

If you are referring a child for a wish that needs to be granted as soon as possible, or have any questions, then please contact the team by calling 0118 304 2776 or emailing

In order to provide you with the information that is relevant to you, first we need to find out who you are. Please select the option below that best describes you.


I'm a parent or legal guardian and would like to refer my child to receive a wish.

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I'm a child over the age of 16 and would like to refer myself to receive a wish.

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Health & Social care

I'm a Health or Social Care professional and would like to refer a child in my care to receive a wish.

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