Parent or legal guardian

Referring your child for a wish

Our wishes give seriously ill children the chance to do something extraordinary. For many children, it's an opportunity to imagine something just for them – a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We've seen the effects a wish can have on a seriously ill child: from creating incredible memories, building confidence and bringing happiness, to providing respite from the daily struggles that come with a critical illness.

Welcome to the beginning of your wish journey

Follow these three steps to get started

1 - Check if your child is eligible for a wish

Find out if your child is eligible for a wish by checking our list of eligible conditions.
A child needs to be a UK resident, aged between 3 and 17 years (inclusive), and fighting a critical illness.
A child shouldn't have received a wish from us before or from another wishgranting organisation. 
We can accept an application if we receive it on the child's third birthday, or before the day of their 18th birthday.

2 - Ask a health, social care or educational professional to apply for a wish for you

You'll no doubt be speaking to a variety of health or social care professionals during the course of your child's treatment and be liaising with educational professionals such as a teacher on a regular basis. You can ask any of the professionals in our list below to make a referral on your child's behalf. 

3 - Direct your health, social care or educational professional to our website

Your health, social care or educational professional can submit an application on the Make-A-Wish UK website. It’s the fastest and easiest way to apply.

If you have any questions about the referral process, please contact our Referrals team on 0118 304 3368 or via email to [email protected].

Definition of Health and Social Care Professionals

Health Professionals
Doctors, nurses and other specific health providers, such as occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists etc. who are registered with a UK Regulatory Body.

Social Care Professionals
Local Authority social workers, or charity / independent / public sector social care workers who provide advice and support to individuals around local care needs, physical, emotional and practical.

Educational Professionals

Useful information for wish families

What happens next?

From the initial referral to the long lasting effects of a wish - find out more about the magical wish journey here.

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Who can have a wish?

Check our eligibility criteria to find out if a child has a condition that means they are eligible to receive a wish.

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How wishes help

Wishes can have a long-lasting positive impact on the wish child and their family. Read about how wishes help.

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