By fundraising and volunteering for us, you won't only be helping grant magical wishes to seriously ill children and young people – you'll also be improving your skills and boosting your CV.

Whether as an individual student or part of a RAG or other society, there are lots of ways to get involved. We're already working with unviersities such as Loughborough, Portsmouth, Manchester and Southampton – and we'd love to work with you too.

If you need any help or would like to discuss how you can support us at university, please contact our Student Fundraiser Harry Williamson on 01276 40 50 84 or harry.williamson@makeawish.org.uk

Events and challenges

From trekking abroad to skydiving, we have loads of events and challenges you can take on.

Join our Peru trek

Scenic photo of Peru mountains

Take on a skydive

Skydiver mid-air, giving double thumbs-up

View all our challenge events

Cheering Make-A-Wish runner, enthusiastic volunteer cheering in background

If you don't fancy any of these challenges, why not organise your own? We'd love to discuss any ideas you might have whether it's an Arctic dog sled or a charity jailbreak, or anything in between. To discuss your ideas with us, give our Student Fundraiser Harry Williamson or call on 01276 40 50 84 or email [email protected]


Raids and street collections can be great ways to raise funds to help grant wishes.

Before starting, please give Harry Williamson a call on 01276 40 50 84 or email [email protected] to register your interest. We can then provide you with a letter of authority and collecting tins and stickers, to help you fundraise legally and safely. You’ll also need to call your local council for advice and to apply for a collection licence. Please note that we don't allow our supporters to knock door-to-door.

Form a fundraising group or society

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Fundraising groups are a great way to meet like-minded people who want to help us grant magical wishes. Not only will working with a group help you organise events it's also a great way to socialise! We already have societies set up at Aberystwyth, Northampton, Leicester and Birmingham universities, so would be happy to help you get started. Call Harry Williamson on 01276 40 50 84 or email [email protected].

Hold your own fundraising

There are lots of ways to raise funds for us. Take a look at our A to Z of fundraising ideas for inspiration for holding your own event. Or you could join hundreds of other supporters by holding a Bake-A-Wish event, selling cakes and baked goods to raise funds to help us grant wishes.

Volunteer with us as a Challenge Leader

Are you a self-starter who can make a big impact on campus? Do you want to develop your skills? And would you like something amazing to put on your CV? If so, our Challenge Leader voluntary position is perfect for you. Recruit a team for an epic trek across Peru, raising money to help us grant wishes – whilst having bags of fun! Find out more and apply here.