Wear what you wish

What did you wish to be when you were younger? A princess? A police officer? An astronaut? Whatever you wished to be, Wear What You Wish is your chance to get dressed up and raise funds to help change the lives of children with critical illnesses.

What is Wear What You Wish?

We want you to organise a Wear What You Wish day in your workplace or school. In return for a donation, everyone gets to dress up as what they wish to be! 

Why not make it more fun by holding a competition for the best or most imaginative costume?

If you need some inspiration, where better to start than by taking a look at some of our very own wish children, who've wished to be everything from princesses to Ghostbusters!

'To be' wishes

Get involved today

If you're interested in arranging your own Wear What You Wish day in support of Make-A-Wish, let us know by registering below. Our Fundraising team will be in touch to support you and answer any questions you may have about making the most of the day.

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Every person who donates will help grant wishes to children like Scott!

Watch a video of Scott's day as a police officer

Scott, five, from Caithness, Scotland, was born after a healthy pregnancy but became ill with a suspected virus shortly after. In fact, they were told he has a condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which affects normal blood flow through the heart, and they might lose him.

At a mere ten days old, Scott underwent his first of three major heart surgeries. He was in hospital for a total of six months and suddenly the family was thrust into a world they didn’t understand.

After sitting in a police car one day, Scott confirmed that his ambition was to be a police officer on a motorbike, but living so far north in Scotland, Scott rarely sees the police. So, his wish to have a police experience was the perfect thing!

On the special day, he was sworn into the force, met all the sergeants and got a call alerting them to a burglary, so he jumped straight on a police motorbike! He then took fingerprints and evidence, taped off the crime scene and saw the police dogs in action. Scott ended the day as a hero, catching Burglar Bill and arresting him using the little handcuffs from his costume!

"The wish has really boosted him up. It’s a wonderful finale to the end of a difficult journey; the start of an easier journey for Scott. It was a dream come true. Not every child is ill or goes to hospital, but not every child gets a wish. He will be speaking about this forever more."

Rena, Scott's mum

By holding your own Wear What You Wish event, you'll be helping grant wishes to children like Scott. Register with us today to get started.