Nikki - Wish Family Engagement Manager

Nikki Wrench, Regional Fundraising Manager - Central England & West Midlands

Nikki Wrench
Wish Family Engagement Manager
07730 299846

About Me

I’m a 36 year old mum, step-mum and crazy dog lady who loves the Harry Potter books and is obsessed with the Marvel films! I've spent most of my life volunteering with or working in the charity sector. After being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at the age of 15, I was referred to Make-A-Wish, who granted my wish to go on a holiday with my family. Having seen the difference that the charity makes to children and their families, I got involved by becoming a Volunteer Wishgranter.

In 2013, I became a Fundraiser at my local children's hospice and three years later was promoted to Challenge Events Manager. I loved my job and the families that I worked with, but in early 2018, when an opportunity came along to work for Make-A-Wish, I jumped at the chance - it was the DREAM JOB!

My role at Make-A-Wish

I have the best job in the world as I get to do some really fun stuff with our wish children and their families! 

If you’re a wish child or family member and you’d like to get involved by sharing your story, fundraising or anything else you can think of, just give me a shout.

What would my wish be?

I was lucky enough to have my childhood wish granted almost 20 years ago, which was to go on a family holiday, visiting some exotic countries with my family. My adult wish, however, would most definitely be to visit the Harry Potter & Marvel parks in Florida! (I’m sure my wishes should be the other way around!)

"I love working with our wish families and our supporters and enjoy helping them plan exciting fundraising activities. Hearing from our families and our wish children about how their wishes changed their lives is just wonderful and I love that I get to see the impact of what I do every single day."

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