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Harrison's wish...

“I wish to have a Manchester City Football experience”

15 years old, Hull


110% funded

Harrison, who’s 15, lives with his mum Erica in Hull and his older brother Josh lives around the corner. They are very close and both love football. His wish to see Manchester City play with his brother, was granted in August 2019.

Harrison's story

April 2018

Harri’s world changed in April 2018 when he broke his ankle and x-rays revealed a cancerous tumour. He had to have his left leg amputated and endure intense chemotherapy treatment - he now wears a blade. Two weeks after his first operation, Harri had a second, ten-hour operation to remove tumours in his lungs.

Doctors thought they had removed the cancer and Harri had a bell ringing ceremony to celebrate. But in June 2019 he was told that the cancer had returned to his lungs. As this tumour is close to his aorta - the main artery that carries blood away from the heart - surgery to remove it is too risky. Only palliative care is possible so Harri takes medication and is determined to make the most of every minute he has left.

Brave Harri has a bucket list and, as part of that, he’s working through a poster list of films he’s always wanted to watch. He also applied for a wish and decided his wish was to go to a Manchester City match with his brother.

Harrison's wish

August 2019

Wishgranters Tequilla and Nicola got to work making the arrangements for his wish and, while they couldn’t organise for Harri’s favourite team to win the match, they did anyway!

Harrison and Josh in their VIP box facing the camera and smiling, with the football pitch behind them.

Harrison and his brother Josh in their VIP box

Harri, his brother and his uncle were driven to the Emirates Stadium by limo and got a prime position on the VIP blue carpet as his team arrived, with a few high fives from his favourite players. Then he got to watch the match from a VIP box.

Doctors don’t know how long Harri has left but his mum Erica is determined to care for him at home. Harri is dealing with the situation in his own way – with an element of black humour such as a sign in his bedroom that says: “One Foot in the Grave”!

Harrison and his brother Josh on the football pitch smiling at the camera.

Harrison and his brother and uncle on the football pitch

Harrison’s wish was filmed for the documentary Make a Wish for Christmas which was broadcast on Channel 5 recently.

His mum Erica said tearfully: “He’s not going to a hospice. I brought him into the world and I’m going to take him out.”

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