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Wish child Maddy with a big grin
Metastatic Wilms tumour
I wish to go to Pompeii and see the Roman ruins

Maddy's wish has now been fully fundraised. Her kind supporters will be updated once the wish has taken place.

Maddy, who was diagnosed with metastatic Wilms' tumour, wishes to see the Roman ruins in Pompeii!

13-year-old Maddy lives with her parents and three sisters (including her twin) in Beaconsfield.

She loves Italian food, swimming, Star Wars and history, and especially enjoyed learning about Pompeii at school.

Doctors found a large tumour on Maddy’s kidney when she was 12. She was diagnosed her with metastatic Wilms' tumour, a type of childhood kidney cancer.

As doctors tried to fight the disease in Maddy’s body with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, scans and tests, her usually bouncy, energetic personality was lost.

Maddy in hospital attached to lots of wires

She spent her 12th birthday in hospital, dropped to 26 kilos in weight and her long blonde hair all fell out.

Maddy’s mum, Victoria, says, “To begin with, it’s absolutely terrifying. Then the worry sets in – how will I keep everything afloat for the other children? It’s been heart-wrenching to see Maddy so sick, especially for her twin sister. We are fortunate she is such a positive child.”

Maddy and her twin sister lying in bed

Victoria continues, “I’m so proud of the way she has maintained her friendships and kept going in school. Even though she doesn’t like going in for chemo because it makes her feel so ill, she never fusses.

"She’s grown up a lot since the diagnosis and that’s why this wish is so important for Maddy. We turned to Make-A-Wish to recognise everything that she has dealt with, and for all those times that that we’ve missed out on as a family while this has been going on.”

Maddy wishes to see the Roman ruins at Pompeii. She wants to take her whole family on holiday to Sorrento in Italy.

Maddy's twin sister hugging her

Wishgranter Amy is helping her to plan an incredible history-filled trip, including a rooftop swimming pool for Maddy, a day trip to the ruins, and plenty of quality time for the whole family to get back to normality together.

“Planning her wish is such a positive thing for Maddy,” Victoria adds, “It’s given her something to look forward to after so much uncertainty. When she lost all the weight, it was Italian food that got her back on track, so we can’t wait to enjoy the real thing in Sorrento, especially the ice cream!”

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Accommodation £3,500; Transport £200; Meals £60; Spending money £50; Expenses £120; Total £3,930

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