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I wish to own a spa pool

Jasmine now has her spa pool! All her supporters will be updated soon on her wish.

Jasmine, aged 15 from the New Forest District, is living with severe epilepsy as well as autism.   

Jasmine had a fit on the day she was born and has continued to have seizures growing up. The seizures caused her to lose some basic skills such as walking, talking and feeding herself. She had to re-learn these basic skills a number of times and became so exhausted that she stopped talking for 18 months. The ordeal that Jasmine goes through every day has made her a strong little lady. Her mum describes her as funny, a joker and a little monkey who loves to wind people up! Her strength has also been recognised at the Young Epilepsy Champion Awards as she won a Rising Star award to recognise her ability to deal with her epilepsy and for overcoming significant personal challenges.

Jasmine and her mum, Nikki, stayed with a friend last year whose child had a spa pool wish with us. Jasmine’s experience in the spa pool was so transformational that Nikki knew instantly she needed one for her little girlAfter spending time in the pool, Jasmine said it was the best that she had felt and that evening she slept through the night without fitting, which is rare for her, especially in a new environment. 

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