When STARboard quizzed the CEO

At Make-A-Wish, our aim is to be a child-led organisation. That's why we’ve launched STARboard - a group of 10 young people who will represent their region and fellow wish families in regular meetings to help Make-A-Wish better serve its communities.

Last week STARboard members were given the chance to grill Make-A-Wish UK CEO, Jason Suckley. Find out what questions they had in store for him below.

What made you get involved in Make-A-Wish? 

I think it’s important to do something for other people in your life. When you help people, you tend to learn stuff. Wishes can really help children and families. I looked at Make-A-Wish and I thought ‘that would be an amazing place to be’ and it has exceeded my expectations. 

If you had a wish what would it be? 

I love singing. I like to think that I am a good singer, but not many other people do! My wish would be to be in a theatre production and sing, with everyone enjoying it! 

What did you do before you worked at Make-A-Wish?

I worked at other charities before, like Macmillan - a big cancer charity. Prior to that I worked at BP which has lots to do with energy and things. I am much happier at Make-A-Wish. 

If you could choose anyone to be a patron of Make-A-Wish UK (a volunteer who uses their influence to support and raise awareness of the charity), who would it be?

It would need to be someone well-known and someone who kids like and can relate to. Someone like DanTDM. Who would you like? STARboard member Jasmine thinks that Ariana Grande would be amazing! Hope Ariana is reading this!

Wish child, Tiegan on her wish to meet YouTuber Dan TDM.

Wish child Tiegan meeting YouTube star DanTDM

What is a typical day like at the charity?

My typical day now is totally different to what it was like four months ago. Probably the same as you. Instead of face-to-face meetings and travel, I spend a lot of time on the phone and making video calls! I’m talking to people about fundraising. How do we get more money? I’m also supporting staff to help them make the right decisions about their work. I’m also speaking to volunteers and our supporters – and to you at STARboard.

STARboard member Sam has helped that fundraising by putting together a video – thank you Sam.

How has your role changed in the last four months? 

We have less money than we had. We have had to change the way we grant wishes and say goodbye to a lot of staff as we cannot afford to keep them. We need to make sure that we have money for wishes rather than people. I’m sure you’d agree that that’s the right decision, but it’s not been easy. It’s been a sad time.

Where would your dream holiday be after lockdown?

I have a wife and two children, so I would need to take them with me! I would like to take them to Disneyland Paris or somewhere like that. My kids love rides, so somewhere to have some fun and then a beach for a week in the sun! 


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