Adnan's Lion King wish

In March 2019, Adnan’s wish to have The Lion King perform at his fifth birthday came true.

Adnan is diagnosed with Metabolic disease, and his wish gave him the power to create an incredible experience for himself, and his family and friends. Make-A-Wish worked with a group of students from the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts to put on a special performance of The Lion King for Adnan and all his guests.

Adnan’s mum, Zainab, wrote about the day her son’s wish was granted:

“A child's life shouldn't be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis - it should be about wonder, joy and hope,” – that’s exactly what Make-A-Wish helped Adnan to experience.

“When we found out Adnan would be granted a wish, we thought long and hard about what he may like. And the things that kept coming up were music, singing and dancing. Adnan has also recently started loving The Lion King and so, we thought, ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful to take Adnan to see a musical?’ As much as we would love to, we also know that it would be too difficult to take Adnan to the theatre. He would not be able to sit through a whole show and would need to be able to get out of his wheelchair and lie down when he’s had enough of his chair. I spoke to our Wishgranter, Vicky, about the idea of bringing the musical to Adnan – and that is the wish that Adnan got granted!

“Vicky organised for some children from the Pauline Quirke Academy to perform a shorter version of the musical for him with all of his favourite songs and threw a little party for Adnan too! The children were just amazing and it’s so lovely to think that they took the time and effort to practice and perform a show especially for Adnan. Adnan sat throughout the whole thing and loved every minute.

“This was more than we could have ever imagined, it’s so nice to have no worries about planning a party, just to be able to come as a family and enjoy!”

“Thank you, Make-A-Wish, for giving Adnan an experience that would never have otherwise been possible. This is certainly a memory that we will cherish forever.”

"Adnan’s Lion King party wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many people! The students were amazing and extremely proud to be part of the wish, we had a cake baked by a local supplier, decorations and gifts donated by Disney, and a face painter as well"

Vicky, Wishgranter