Donate cryptocurrency to Make-A-Wish

How to donate to Make-A-Wish with cryptocurrency

We're currently trialling the option to make a donation to Make-A-Wish with cryptocurrency to explore the impact that giving via crypto can have in helping us to achieve our vision of granting every eligible child’s wish. 

Donating with crypto is simple and secure - we've partnered with Zodia Custody and Zodia Markets ('Zodia') to receive donations from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DOT and Ethereum. Simply complete the form below and a Make-A-Wish representative will be in touch via email for you to complete your crypto donation using Zodia.

Start your donation

Please note that during this trial period we're accepting crypto donations in excess of £2,500. This minimum value will be reviewed quarterly and will be adjusted accordingly.

Fill in the form below

We'll just need you to provide some information about who you are and how much you'd like to donate.

We'll run some checks

We're required to perform due diligence on every crypto donation as part of our compliance controls.

Complete your donation

Once the checks are complete, we'll be in touch with details of how to complete your donation.

Crypto FAQs

What is a digital asset?

It's a digital or a virtual store of value, like a currency, which is secured by cryptography.

Digital transactions are recorded on a public blockchain, providing tamper-proof records of transactions. This means that digital assets are a very transparent form of funding - enabling the charity to assess donor provenance. And if disbursements are made in digital assets, then the donor can track how funds are spent.

Why is Make-A-Wish accepting digital donations?

Accepting digital donations means Make-A-Wish can diversify our funding base, making us less reliant on traditional means of fundraising and future proofing, which is especially relevant when factoring in generational wealth.

What’s so exciting is that Make-A-Wish can look at progressive and innovative products in time – like issuing special initiative tokens to fund a flight to Lapland to see Santa.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to donate to Make-A-Wish?

The following digital assets will be supported on day 1 and as such be able to be donated to Make-A-Wish: BTC, ETH, DOT, UNI, LINK, AAVE and COMP.

Donations cannot be anonymous. All donors will be subject to customer due diligence checks and a minimum donation amount must be maintained.

How do I donate cryptocurrency?

Potential donors will submit an intent to donate to Make-A-Wish by following the above link and completing the form.

Make-A-Wish will collect the necessary information from the donor and complete the mandatory compliance screening prior to sharing the Make-A-Wish wallet address(es).

Why do I have to go through a due diligence process to donate cryptocurrency?

Make-A-Wish is required to perform customer due diligence checks on every incoming crypto donation as part of compliance controls. Make-A-Wish will conduct due diligence on prospective donors in order to determine if a donation in crypto can be accepted.

MAW has partnered with CreditSafe ( to conduct these checks.

Are there any benefits to the donor to make a digital donation?

Here in the UK, HMRC has issued guidance on crypto donations, this may be found here and is subject to change -

Are digital donations legal and secure?

Yes, digital donations are legal in the UK. 

In working with Zodia Markets and Zodia Custody, Make-A-Wish has full ownership of the assets at every stage from donation to disbursement; funds are at all times client segregated.

Why are you accepting cryptocurrency when it is associated with harmful environmental effects?

For now, we’re only running a trial as we’re aware of the risks and effects of cryptocurrencies associated with the energy-intensive Proof of Work consensus mechanisms, such as Bitcoin. We’re exploring their potential and following efforts to reduce their environmental impact alongside Zodia Custody and Zodia Markets. Recently, the Ethereum network’s move to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism has significantly boosted these efforts.