A rare cancer stole Bella's Christmas

A Wish gave it back

Bella developed a nasty cough in January 2018. But it soon became clear that this was no common illness. Before long her symptoms became so bad that she was unable to sleep and started having difficulty breathing. When Bella's mother took her to A&E, tests eventually showed that she had a large tumour in her lung that was pressing against her heart.

Bella’s treatment started almost straightaway, and for the next six months, she was confined to hospital – her parents taking it in turns to sleep at her bedside.

Bella climbing a tree in the woods, wearing a pink jacket..

Bella after her diagnosis

After an incredibly frightening few months for Bella and her family – including a spell in intensive care – she was eventually discharged and able to live at home while still undergoing chemotherapy.

She started school, which she loved, but regularly had to miss days due to exhaustion. And this is how she spent Christmas of that year. She was full of hope and excitement, yet physically drained and unable to enjoy the festivities in the way that every child should.

At Make-A-Wish we don't think that's right

Bella and her sister, Madison watching TV together in matching red checked pyjamas.
Mum, Beccy cuddling a poorly Bella, who is wrapped in a pink blanket.