World Wish Day 2022


503 wishes are currently waiting to be granted in the UK.


£1.25 million is how much it will cost to grant all of these wishes.

More than 60,000* children in the UK have been diagnosed with a critical condition, changing their lives and the lives of their families forever. For them, the joy of childhood is brought to an abrupt end, with treatment plans, hospital appointments and sleepless nights taking over.

The power of a wish revives a childhood stolen by critical illness. It brings light and joy to children and their loved ones and leaves a profound and lasting impact on all their lives. But we can’t be that light for everyone. It takes a community of volunteers, local supporters, skills and donations to help these children feel like children again.

So, we’re asking for your help

We're asking communities to come together and raise enough money to fund every wish on the wish map.

Select your region below to find out how you can get involved

Fundraising leaderboard

Greater London£14,172.00
East Midlands£3,421.00
Northern Ireland£3,420.00
North West£2,945.00
South East£2,197.00
West Midlands£1,696.00
East of England£1,584.00
North East£1,026.00
South West£743.00

*The report “Estimating Current and Future Prevalence of Children and Young People who would be eligible for the Make-A-Wish Foundation” was published in November 2020 with research by Deborah Gibson-Smith, Stuart Jarvis & Lorna Fraser from the Department of Health Sciences, University of York & by Paul Norman from the School of Geography, University of Leeds.