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Leah's wish...

“I wish to be a teacher for the day”

7 years old, Dundee

Brain tumours

100% funded

Leah, aged seven and from Dundee is living with a brain tumour. When she turned to us, she wished to be a teacher for the day!

Leah's story

At just five years old, Leah and her family received the devastating news that she had a brain tumour.

She refused to give in

Just three months after an operation to reduce the tumour, it had grown again.

"She’s been through so much already, but even through 18 months of chemotherapy Leah still went to school every day. She loves being there and looks up to her teachers. Even when they said she seemed tired, she stayed until the end of the day. She just refused to give in to it."

Stephen, Leah's dad

Sarah with her parents, holding her No. 1 teacher badge

Lost childhood

Chemotherapy has given Leah Type 1 Diabetes, and she must take steroids for an adrenal insufficiency and medicine for her thyroid too.

Stephen says “Leah has always pushed herself to do everything she wants to. She loves to get involved with everything, but the past few years have forced her to grow up really fast. She has lost part of her childhood to this.”

Leah's wish

Leah with some papers being a teacher

A VIP trip

Leah wished to be a teacher for the day at her own primary school. Wishgranter Lucy sent Leah lots of personalised stationary in anticipation of her wish, and arranged for Leah, her mum and sister to be picked up in a limo to go on a shopping trip to choose an outfit and get her nails done before her special day.

There were sweets and music in the limo and the driver did a tour around Dundee before stopping at the Slessor Gardens for photos and a little walk.

In the shops, Leah picked out a fabulous outfit so she felt the part, including flowery trousers, pretty shoes and a little Minnie Mouse bag.

Then, for a celebratory dinner, Leah chose to go to Jimmy Chungs because she loves the ice cream there.

Leah sitting down with another teacher and her students

Renewed confidence

On the day, Leah arrived at school ready to teach. The schoolteachers had bought her some gifts, including a lanyard with hearts on to hold her ‘teacher’s ID’ card.

Leah confidently led the class through the day, helping children to learn and have fun. In her art class, she taught the class to make a Saint Patrick’s Day hat, and later, she awarded some certificates to the class.

How Leah's wish helped

Leah with some school children

Ready to take on the world

Mum, Elaine, said, “Leah is noticeably more independent since her wish. She lost a lot of that since going in to hospital when she had no control over what happened to her. She wouldn’t even want to pick out her own clothes before, but now she’s ready to organise everybody and she’s getting back to her normal cheerful self. She really needed this to help change her perspective."

"It’s brought us all so much joy seeing Leah so happy. It’s one of those experiences she’ll never forget. Her wish has made her even more determined to be a teacher when she’s older, and made that dream all the more real for her."

Elaine, Leah's mum

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