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Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
I wish to go to Lapland where there is snow everyday

George, who is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, wishes to go to Lapland. He cannot believe there is a place where there is snow every day and he is excited to meet Santa!

Five-year-old George lives in Worcestershire with his mum, dad and little brother. He is a confident, bright boy who loves football and is sometimes a little stubborn!

George’s One True Wish is to go to Lapland this Christmas - he can’t believe there is a place where there’s snow every day and is excited to meet Santa! You can sponsor his wish today.

George with no hair and a plaster on his arm, using a piece of melon as a pretend smile

Double dose of disaster

Just five months after his mum, Vici, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, blood tests confirmed that her son had leukaemia.

George and his mum in hospital together

Vici was in and out of hospital and going through chemotherapy and awaiting surgery herself, when George had to start his own course of chemo, steroids and lumbar punctures, which George calls his ‘sleepy medicine’.

The hospital’s resident graffiti artist

The steroids make George feel very emotional and upset, which was difficult for him to understand at first, but George is quite grown-up at heart and has taken it all in his stride.

He likes going to hospital for them because he’s made friends with all the nurses, who bring him biscuits and let him draw all over the wipe-clean walls on the ward!

George in hospital pointing at his drawing on the wall

Choosing the words carefully

The most heartbreaking moment, Vici told us, was when she went into hospital for her cancer to be operated on, and George asked his dad, “When Mummy comes home from hospital, will she be Mummy or will she be someone else?” So, when George got diagnosed, they decided they would tell George he has leukaemia but not use the word ‘cancer,’ to ensure he didn’t have the same fears for himself as he had for his mum.

Looking to the future

George must go into hospital for days at a time whenever he gets a temperature, making it difficult to plan trips away from home or birthday parties or holidays.

Treatment will go on until March 2020, but George is already talking about his end of treatment party and getting to ring the bell in hospital to signify the end of treatment! 

George's family selfie

A Christmas wish

To offer some respite from the cycle of hospitals and medicine, one of George’s nurses referred him for a wish, and he told the Wish Visitors who came to see him at home that he’d like to go somewhere where it snows every day! He has never seen deep snow before and Vici is sure he is going to be blown away.

Mum Vici hopes the wish will give George a chance to experience something he’d never otherwise have the chance to do.

You can bring much needed sparkle, happiness and wonder into George’s life by sponsoring his wish to go to Lapland today.

Lapland package £4,010; Wish Insurance £110; Transport £200; Meals £190; Spending money £100; Wishgranting Costs £250; Total £4,860

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