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Ethan smiling at the camera
Severe epilepsy
I wished to have a festive filled day in London

Thanks to the kind supporters who sponsored his wish, Ethan’s wish has now been granted!

Ethan, aged 7 from Somerset, is living with severe epilepsy as a result of a very rare gene mutation – he has daily fits and his development, movement and communication have been affected by his condition, meaning he relies on 24/7 care from his parents.

Ethan was just four days old when he had his first seizure, Naomi had only brought him home from hospital that day. Initially his seizures were put down to 'infantile spasms' but then at 2 and a half years old he was diagnosed with severe epilepsy. Ethan recently had surgery to implant a nerve stimulator that sends electrical signals through his body every 5 minutes to limit the severity and frequency of his seizures. Every one of Ethan’s seizures puts him in danger, but his gene mutation is so rare, the treatment available is limited.

Ethan and his family go through a lot with countless trips back and forth from the hospital and caring for Ethan, but through all of this they are incredibly strong. Naomi said “Ethan gives us strength to carry on, what he goes through is huge compared to what we deal with."

Ethan ice skating with his mum dad and sister

"Having a wish granted gives a child, and their family, experiences they would never have access to otherwise.” She added, “it's hard to plan things for poorly children, so to have this amazing thing to look forward to gives you a massive lift from the daily stresses and strains. It will give us time to enjoy just being a family."

Ethan wished to go to Winter Wonderland and have a festive fun-filled weekend in London, as Christmas is his favourite time of year because of the lights and the sensory experiences. 

Naomi kept a lot of the details a secret from Ethan and Dakota, before revealing the wish to them when Ethan's wish pack arrived!

Ethan smiled and got very excited every time the family spoke about his wish. 

So on the day of the wish, Ethan and his family travelled to London and got settled in their hotel.  

The following day, they waited in the hotel lobby for their transport for the day to arrive - both Ethan and Dakota were so excited when they saw a limo pull up!

The family spent the day doing lots of exciting festive activities; they had a special tour around Hamleys, met Santa at Winter Wonderland, had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and went to see Matilda the musical at the theatre.

Naomi said, "I wish I could have captured Ethan’s face during the performance. He was so happy and animated it was so heart-warming to see".

They ended the wish day back at a very busy Winter Wonderland for some ice skating. Ethan loved going fast around the ice!

Speaking of the wish, Naomi said, "This trip truly was so magical and beyond anything we could have imagined. Watching Ethan’s face all weekend will stay with me forever. I will be creating a scrapbook so that we can flick through all the pictures whenever we like. Thank you to all those who made this weekend possible you all are truly special to us."

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We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to help make Ethan’s wish possible! 

Trains and Taxis £420; Wish Limo £500; Hotel £320; Spending Money £50; Food Expenses £180; Theatre Tickets & Ice Skating £275; Total £1,745

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