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Amy's horror experience wish
I wish for a horror experience

Eleven-year-old Amy from Barnsley isn’t afraid of anything! She’s asked Make-A-Wish to send her and her friends somewhere where professional ‘scarers’ will do their best to terrify them on an immersive horror adventure! You can help ake Amy's wish a reality by sponsoring her wish

Until the age of ten, Amy was a happy, healthy girl, who loved to watch Netflix horrors and read Goosebumps books.

A close call

After several appointments, what doctors thought was tonsillitis was diagnosed as leukaemia, a type of childhood blood cancer. 91% of Amy’s blood was affected. If she hadn’t gone to hospital that day, they said, she could have died in her sleep within days.

Amy in Hospital

Everything changed in one day

She began intensive chemotherapy the same day and was very poorly for the first 6 weeks. Chemotherapy was injected straight into Amy’s spine and she had a line put into her nose for food when she couldn’t keep it down. She quickly dropped three stone in weight and had to stay inside and away from people because of the high risk of infection.

Trying to carry on as normal

She missed a big chunk of year six at school and missed her friends terribly so keeping in touch with them was really important for her. When prom came around, Amy had chemo early so that she could get dressed up and join in with her friends. She still did her chores and tried to live as normally as possible.

Amy in her prom dress

Family life

Sometimes there were tears and tantrums, but mostly, Amy has been very brave and mature. Mum, Ciara, gave up work to stay with Amy in hospital Monday-Friday, and dad Arron worked to support the family Mon-Fri and stayed with Amy over the weekends, with each caring for Amy’s two siblings at home in between. The family was torn apart, not sleeping under the same roof for nine months.

Time for a new chapter

Amy’s leukaemia can’t ever be cured, but she is in remission and will need regular check-ups for the foreseeable future. She rang the end of treatment bell in September 2018. Now, she’s ready for a fresh start.  

Ringing the end of treatment bell

Adrenaline-junkies assemble!

The adrenaline rush of watching horror movies has always fascinated Amy, and Wishgranter Dan is planning a super-scary adrenaline-fuelled mission for Amy and her two best friends, followed by pizza!

Amy and her friends

Our rock

Mum Caira says, “She’s so excited for her wish. I’m so proud of her and how she has coped. I love saying that Amy is my daughter. We were supposed to be her rock through all of this, but she ended up being ours. I applied to Make-A-Wish for Amy because I wanted her to have something to draw a line under what’s happened and celebrate the fact it’s all over and that we can close that chapter of her life.”

Help Amy to replace the pain and heartbreak of leukaemia with laughter, thrills and fun! Sponsor Amy’s wish to give her a day of emotional healing.

Bespoke scare experience £3,120; Food £120; Limo £325; Wishgranting costs £80; Total £3,645

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