The Make-A-Wish Spring Appeal

Time is running out for critically ill children. But you can help make a wish come true today.

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Right now, we have over 1,000 seriously ill children waiting for their wishes to come true. Demand for wishes is rising faster than we can meet it.

The sooner you donate, the sooner we can grant more wishes to critically ill children who have been robbed of their childhood.

You can help make a wish come true - before it's too late.

"I wish to be a fairy"

£20 could pay for a child to dress up as anything from a firefighter to a princess - so they look the part on their unforgettable day.

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"I wish to be a Ghostbuster"

£50 could help a child spend a day doing everything their favourite movie character does - with help from our unstoppable Wishgranters..

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"I wish to go to Sightseeing"

£80 could pay for a critically ill child to travel to a place they have always wanted to visit - far from hospital wards.

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"Thinking about my wish makes me so happy and lucky. I had the best time of my life."

Audrina, aged 9, who has a rare form of cancer, wished to become a scientist for a day