The Make-A-Wish Spring Appeal

Time is running out for critically ill children. But you can help make a wish come true today.

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Right now, we have over 1,000 seriously ill children waiting for their wishes to come true. Demand for wishes is rising faster than we can meet it.

You can help make a wish come true – before it’s too late. Your gift today will help bring joy back to critically ill children and their families, when they need it most.

"I wish to have my own spa pool"

£10 could help make a wish come true today for a child like Oliver.

Donate £10

"I wish to stay in a house with a pool"

£15 could help pay for a family swim session for a child like Toby.

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"I wish to have a Delta Delichon Buggy"

£25 could help a child like Zachariah regain their freedom to explore.

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"He’s not able to do much but this is something fun that he can enjoy every day now. We love to just sit and watch him relax. I don’t know how to thank you enough for what you have given us"

Lia, Oliver's mum