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Supporting Make-A-Wish UK

Wish child, Bella-Rose in hospital

Five-year-old Bella-Rose's wish to stay at a theme park with her family will be an exciting sensory experience for her while she lives with a degenerative genetic condition called a TRAPP mutation. It affects her mobility, vision, speech, all her major organs and means she has developmental delay. Seeing her enjoy her freedom, with the sun and wind on her face, will provide her family with precious memories because they know their time with her will be short.

Bella-Rose, from Great Barr in Birmingham, is one of 52 children from the West Midlands who is waiting for their wish to be granted. 

So we're asking for your help.

When a child is diagnosed with a critical condition, it changes their life and the lives of their families forever.

For them, the joy of childhood is brought to an abrupt end.

The power of a wish revives that childhood. It brings light and joy to children and their loved ones and leaves a profound and lasting impact on all their lives.

Together, we have the power to #LightUpTheDarkness for children like Bella-Rose.