Processing telephone payments

If you field a call from a supporter who wishes to make a payment over the phone, please first find out if they are paying in revenue from fundraising, or if it is an individual donation.

Paying in fundraising

If they wish to pay in fundraising, please use the button below to complete our standard pay in fundraising form, as this will allow you to enter information about the fundraising activity:

Go to Pay in Fundraising form

Making a one-off / regular donation

If they wish to make a donation, use the form below, so this can be identified as a telephone donation when processing in Donorflex.

Note: if the donor doesn't have, or would prefer not to give an email address, you can use [email protected] to enable you to process the donation.

Bank transfers

If they wish to do a bank transfer, please give them the following bank details:

Bank Details:
Sort Code – 60-04-20
A/c No – 88931242
Ref – DF Number

Banking Log
If you give out the Bank Details please add details to the Banking Log