#WishWednesday - The long-lasting impact of a wish

Wishes bring hope, strength and resilience to the seriously ill children who turn to us. So throughout April, on each #WishWednesday, we shared stories about some of the children who had wishes a while ago, to explore the long term impact that their wishes had on them. Because where there's a wish, there's a way!

Here's a round-up of the wishes we shared.

2001 - Nikki's One True Wish

In 2001, Nikki's wish came true. 18 years later she showed that where there's a wish, there's a way because she started working at Make-A-Wish UK as a Regional Fundraising Manager! She told us about the long-lasting impact of her wish: "Make-A-Wish still has an impact on the lives of all my family. We are who we are because of that wish.”

Nikki Twitter.jpg

Nikki, Regional Fundraising Manager and Wish Child

2002 - Ben's Cowboy Wish

Ben was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 when he was just four years old and that's the year that we granted his wish to be a cowboy. He was only discharged from treatment in February 2016, when we caught up with his family again. Ben's mum Helen told us that on the day Ben’s consultant said: “I’m finally discharging you!” she just burst into tears. 

Helen added: “We still think about Ben’s trip and how amazing Make-A-Wish made it. I made two scrapbooks of the experience and we still look through them."

Ben now and then

Ben, then in 2002, and in 2016

2017 - Emilia's Wish to meet the Queen's Horses

In 2017, we granted Emilia's wish to meet Big Red at Queen’s Horse Guards. We spoke to Emilia and her family a year later and they told us what her wish meant to them: "Her illness took over our lives, but her wish was something totally different. Emilia was so excited that her sister was involved too. She didn’t get the chance to spend time with her sister or her Dad when she was in hospital, so that was a big thing, for them to reunite again. Emilia knew she had gone through something that most children don’t and her wish showed her she’d been brave and resilient."

Emilia on her wish_0.jpg

Emilia on her wish in 2017