We've granted 10,000 wishes

A yellow star on a blue background with the words '10,000 wishes'.

Since 1986 we've granted the wishes of 10,000 children and young people living with life-threatening conditions.

That’s 10,000 magical memories, 10,000 smiles and 10,000 children whose lives have been enriched at a time when they needed it most.

From becoming a ninja princess, to whizzing around in racing cars and even walking with dinosaurs – there's been no end to the imagination of the brave children who turn to us.

Our 10,000th wish went to 9 year old Ben, who wished to be a chef.

Ben is really interested in food and has always wanted to go behind the scenes and see how the pros cook! Travelling to the Glasgow's Le Bistro Beaumartin restaurant in a limo, Ben was so excited. Chef Andrew showed him the ropes – they cooked pizza, frogs’ legs, steak and chocolate pudding and served up the delicious feast to his family.

The wish came after a very difficult few years. Ben was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just 5 years old. He endured 3 years of intensive chemotherapy. This was gruelling on his body, but his confidence also suffered as he put on a lot of weight and lost his hair.

On the wish, Ben’s mum noticed how his confidence seemed to return – he didn’t stop smiling.

Ben’s mum talked about the impact a wish can have: “Make-A-Wish give children confidence, smiles and happiness. A wish is more than that though – it is about independence and achieving something, which is amazing.”

Thousands of magical wishes, from thousands of amazing children...

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