Meet Wishgranter Erica

Behind every wish, is a dedicated Wishgranter. We asked Wishgranter Erica a few questions to find out more about who she is a what it means to her to play such an important role in the Wish Journey...

Wishgranter Erica in the hub

Wishgranter Erica in the Make-A-Wish Community Hub

36 (Shhhh…don’t tell anyone!)

Where are you from?
Wokingham, Berkshire

What is a Wishgranter, in your opinion?
A Wishgranter is someone who is able to brighten up your day!

How long have you been a Wishgranter?
2½ years

What would your One True Wish be?
To go on tour with the Backstreet Boys!

What did you want to be when you were little?
I loved to act and wanted to be in Eastenders!

Best feedback you’ve ever received e.g. from a wish family?
The best feedback I ever received was from a Wish Family who hadn’t been on holiday in years and went to Tenerife to spend some much-needed quality time together. Mum emailed me when they got back home saying it was the best time they have ever had! Even their 72-year-old Grandma had been on a jet ski!!!

Mum said she felt that the time away had allowed them all to reconnect as a family again and had made them all stronger. The holiday had given them a new found lease of hope and they were going home ready to face the next chapter! Mum said that I had changed their lives - something you don’t hear every day!

What makes you feel proud about your job?
Even the title ‘Wishgranter’ makes me feel proud of my job. Every wish I grant I am proud of. Each wish is a chance to give a family a little bit of happiness and I love making people happy.

What is your biggest achievement at Make-A-Wish?
Being featured in the Make-A-Wish for Christmas TV Documentary. I loved being able to tell the story of Skye’s Wish - a 14-year-old girl who sadly had to have her arm amputated due to having osteosarcoma. Her wish was to go to Milan Fashion Week, as she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. I am super proud that I was able to make this happen for Skye, she was even able to meet a fashion designer ❤

What is your favourite wish moment memory?
I was lucky enough to travel to Lapland last year with our Lapland group wish. It was so magical and such an amazing experience.

What would surprise us most about being a Wishgranter?
Being a Wishgranter can be quite challenging at times as sadly there are things Make-A-Wish are unable to do, even more so with the impact of Covid-19 and the restrictions that are now in place. This can be hard for families at times, but with some good old fashioned research and many hours Googling, we can usually come up with a good alternative!

Two things you like or like to do?
I love to go on holidays/explore new places (not so much at the moment!) and go to concerts (I am OBSESSED with 90’s boyband - Backstreet Boys!!)

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