Meet Wishgranter Erica

Behind every wish, is a dedicated Wishgranter. This week Wishgranter Erica has written a blog to tell you more about her role...

Hi I’m Erica, I’ve been a Wishgranter for a year and a half and am from Berkshire. When I try to describe what a Wishgranter is, I ask people to think of the fairy Godmother in Cinderella - we’re kind of like that. As a Wishgranter, you try your very best to make each wish as magical as possible! The best feedback I ever received was from a Wish Family who hadn’t been on holiday in years and went to Tenerife to spend some much-needed quality time together. 

Wishgranter Erica in the hub

Wishgranter Erica in the Make-A-Wish Community Hub

Mum emailed me when they got back home saying it was the best time they have ever had! Even their 72-year-old Grandma had been on a jet ski!!!

Mum said she felt that the time away had allowed them all to reconnect as a family again and had made them all stronger. The holiday had given them a newfound leash of hope and were going home ready to face the next chapter! Mum had said that I had changed their lives - something you don’t hear every day!

"This is what makes me feel proud about my job – when I receive feedback from the families or see pictures of the wish – it really hits home that I made that happen."

I see every wish that I grant as such an achievement in itself. Each wish is a chance to give a family a little bit of happiness & I love making people happy. Sadly we don’t wonder around the office with wands & genie lamps – it takes a lot of hard work to make these wishes happen - but it is beyond worth it!

When I was little I wanted to be an actress in EastEnders but now my One True Wish would be to have an unlimited ticket to travel around the world. When I’m not granting wishes I love spending time with my sister & niece and going on holidays with my husband.

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