Meet Wishgranter Amy

Behind every wish, is a dedicated Wishgranter. We asked our Celebrity Wishgranter, Amy, a few questions to find out more about who she is a what it means to her to play such an important role in a child's Wish Journey...

Wishgranter Amy


Where are you from?

What is a Wishgranter, in your opinion?
The person responsible for bringing a child’s wish to life and making it happen

How long have you been a Wishgranter?
Three years

What would your One True Wish be?
Probably to meet a celebrity such as P!nk - my favourite solo singer. It would be a money can’t buy and once in a lifetime experience.

What did you want to be when you were little?
I used to want to be a paramedic when I was younger. I knew I always wanted a job where I could make a difference to someone’s life and do something that was rewarding

Best feedback you’ve ever received from a wish family?
There so many families who have shown their appreciation it's impossible to choose one. It's always so lovely when families send in cards or letters to thank us. I love hearing how the wish has made them feel and given them hope for the future. It really puts a smile on our faces in the office and just reconfirms why we do what we do.

What makes you feel proud about your job?
Generally just creating memories for a child to cherish and keep. Also, not just for the child but to bring families together so they can also create special memories and bring some happiness in such a horrible situation.

What is your greatest achievement at Make-A-Wish?
It's probably getting my most recent role in the organisation, Celebrity Wishgranter. During lockdown I pushed myself to apply for this role as it became available and was lucky enough to secure it. I now get to liaise with celebrity agents to grant celebrity wishes as well as still granting other types of wishes.

What is your favourite wish moment memory?
When I got the chance to go to Lapland and see the children experience their wishes for myself. It was so much more powerful than the feedback we receive from families to actually see the impact myself and the smiles and laughter it brought.

What would surprise us most about being a Wishgranter?
Lots of people think we get to go on lots of wishes. Although there are some opportunities, it is not a regular occurrence and tends to just be the families who go on the wish by themselves.

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