Meet a Regional Fundraiser Manager, Nikki

My name is Nikki Wrench and I’m the Regional Fundraising Manager for Central England! I’m originally from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

I’ve been in this role for just over a year but I first got to know Make-A-Wish UK as a Wish Child. In 2001, I had my One True Wish! It was to go on a holiday with my family so that we could put ourselves back together after I’d been diagnosed with leukaemia and we’d fallen apart a little bit.

At Make-A-Wish UK a Regional Fundraising Manager builds relationships with everyone in our local communities, whether that be volunteers, wish children and their families, supporters who are fundraising for us, businesses or groups. It's our role to raise awareness and funds for the organisation, whilst also educating those around us about Make-A-Wish UK and how we can change the lives of children with critical illnesses.

"There’s so much to be proud of working here."

Nikki, Regional Fundraising Manager

Fundraising in the community

Nikki at a fundraising event

There’s so much to be proud of working here. But if I can educate just one person about the impact of a wish, I feel proud of the job I’ve done personally. And I always feel proud when I read the wish updates that get sent to us each week as I know that I played a small part in changing that child’s life.  

My biggest achievement (so far!) is that I have volunteered at more wish visits than any other Regional Fundraising Manager who has worked at Make-A-Wish (on average, 1 per week). But from a role-specific point of view, I would say my biggest achievement is working with a local corporate who wanted to fundraise for us, building a great relationship with them, helping them to double their target and then being selected as their parent company charity of the year. 

I’ve done a lot in my time at Make-A-Wish UK, but one of my best wish memories is from when I escorted a wish child on their wish to meet a famous rapper called Drake. Watching him waiting to meet his idol, enjoying the concert and seeing the look on his face while they talked will stay with me forever.   

What might surprise people most about being in this role, is that sometimes we do lose all of our energy! And I think a lot of people think that as an Regional Fundraising Manager you’re driven by sales, but our team is most definitely driven and motivated by wishes!   

Outside of work, I LOVE Harry Potter. It really is an unhealthy obsession and I love days spent with my husband, daughter and dogs. 

Nikki and volunteer Lorna

Nikki and Volunteer, Lorna

You can find out more about the life-changing impact Nikki's wish had for her and her family by clicking here.