Kelsey's Story

Kelsey sadly passed away in August 2018, aged six. On the same day, her wish for a rare gold Ring Pop Puppy toy was granted.

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Kelsey wished for a rare Ring Pop Puppy collectable toy

Dad, Billy, told us: “As I sat at her bedside, Kelsey was in and out of consciousness. When Goldie arrived, that was the last time she came round and was herself. The grin on her face was unbelievable. She only came round for 20 or 30 minutes, but during that time, she was over the moon. Goldie completed her collection. It’s such a tiny thing but, for a kid, it makes the world of difference. Kids just want to keep going and Kelsey did too."

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Kelsey in hospital with her bright red lipstick on

"She was the little girl who loved snails, adored monsters & vampires and sewing clothes for her dolls."

Her favourite colour was teal

"After three months of sickness, doctors diagnosed Kelsey with neuroblastoma."

Then came chemotherapy, then radiotherapy

"She loved collecting things - snails, toys, My Little Pony and these little Ring Pop Puppy toys."

The only one missing from her collection was Goldie

"When Goldie arrived, that was the last time she came round and was herself."

Goldie was a tiny plastic toy but to Kelsey it meant the world.