IRONMAN reimbursement terms and conditions

  • The below are terms and conditions (the Terms) between you and Make-A-Wish Foundation UK (company number 02031836) (registered charity number 295672, Scottish registered charity number SCO37479) (Make-A-Wish UK).
  • The Terms apply to fundraising to be undertaken by you for Make-A-Wish UK relating to the IRONMAN event you have told Make-A-Wish UK you intend to enter (and/or have already entered)(being an IRONMAN event taking place at Weymouth, Bolton, Swansea or Wales), such event being the Event.
  • As the participant, you are responsible for purchasing your own Event place and paying all costs and expenses in connection with the Event.
  • You must keep evidence of your Entry fee payment (such as receipts) and provide this documentation to the Make-A-Wish UK Challenge Events Team prior to the Event.
  • Make-A-Wish UK will reimburse the full IRONMAN entry fee (the Fee) in respect of the Event on the condition that you raise (and pay to Make-A-Wish UK) a minimum amount of £1,200 (excluding Gift Aid) (the Minimum Amount)
  • For Make-A-Wish UK to reimburse the Fee, you must inform your next of kin that they are NOT eligible to claim Gift Aid on their donations. Please read and agree to the Gift Aid terms below.
  • In addition, reimbursement of the Fee will only be paid if:
    • the total of the sponsorship money in relation to the Event which you have raised and have paid to Make-A-Wish UK is at least the Minimum Amount.
    • you have paid to Make-A-Wish UK all sponsorship money you have raised in respect of the Event;
    • you participate in the Event. Please note, you will not be reimbursed the Fee if you do not participate in the Event;
    • you submit your claim to be reimbursed the Fee within two months of the date of the Event;
    • you comply with all of your other obligations set out in the Terms.
  • When you have complied with the above, we will make a single payment of the Fee to you. We will make payment to a bank account in your name, details of which you will provide to us.
  • The following text must be included on any online fundraising pages you create (as well as on any printed documents you may use for fundraising):

As long as I raise at least £1,200, Make-A-Wish UK will reimburse the cost of my entry fee. This means that Make-A-Wish UK will receive the benefit of at least 50% of my sponsorship.

  • Should you, for whatever reason, not participate in the Event, all sponsorship forms and monies collected must be forwarded to Make-A-Wish UK or returned to the sponsors. You will not be able to claim any Fee reimbursement from Make-A-Wish UK.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in the Event. An IRONMAN event is extremely strenuous and should not be attempted without full and proper training. In addition, you are advised to take medical advice as to whether or not you are fit and healthy enough to take part in the Event. Make-A-Wish UK does not accept responsibility for any liability, loss, death, injury, damage or claim which may arise because of your participation in (and/or training for) the Event, whether in relation you or any other person.

Gift Aid Terms

As Make-A-Wish UK is contributing towards the cost of the Event, any donations made by you or a ‘connected person’ will not be eligible for Gift Aid. A ‘connected person’ is:

  • a wife, husband, or civil partner
  • a brother, sister, parent, or grandchild
  • the wife, husband, or civil partner of a relative
  • a company under the control of the donor, or under control of connected persons

You should take reasonable steps to ensure that those sponsoring you are aware of the restrictions on Gift Aid.

For further information on Gift Aid and ‘connected persons’, visit the HMRC website at

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