Wish 200 Week

1 week. 20 hours. Your way.

This Wish 200 Week we're asking you to take on our gaming challenge and fundraise your way to help make wishes come true for the 63,000 critically ill children who are eligible for a wish across the UK*.

You could plan a sponsored gaming marathon, aim to complete your favourite game, play as many different games as you can or play on as many different consoles within 20 hours. It’s 1 week, 20 hours, your way.

Why support Make-A-Wish?

When the world feels dark and difficult, online gaming can provide relief and respite in a world where anything is possible.

Digital gaming allows children to escape the everyday realities of their condition, bringing entertainment, connection and achievement into their lives. A growing number of our wishes are gaming focused, and we know these gaming related wishes have a hugely positive impact on improving a young person’s mental health at a time when they need it the most.

Sophie using her new gaming PC.

"In real life, I’m in a wheelchair and can’t do a lot of the same things as my friends. But online, I can be part of a team and I’m literally an equal."

Wish child, Sophie

*The report “Estimating Current and Future Prevalence of Children and Young People who would be eligible for the Make-A-Wish Foundation” was published in November 2020 with research by Deborah Gibson-Smith, Stuart Jarvis & Lorna Fraser from the Department of Health Sciences, University of York & by Paul Norman from the School of Geography, University of Leeds.