Elsie's story

Elsie’s leukaemia stole her childhood. Your monthly gift could create magical memories for a child and their family.

Elsie was diagnosed with leukaemia at 18 months and had to undergo two years of exhausting treatment, when she should have been enjoying a normal childhood.

In May 2019, Make-A-Wish UK helped her to regain some of that lost childhood by granting her wish to live with fairies in a treehouse.

Elsie’s magical time is just one example of the experiences you help us conjure up thanks to your monthly gift. Whether it's being a vet, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a bedroom makeover, every wish is different – but always personal and life-changing.

Together, we can help more children like Elsie experience the magic of a wish. Become a wishgranter today.

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