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Wish child, Sophia holding up a thank you sign.

Thank you for submitting your application and for your interest in working at Make-A-Wish UK. We're grateful that you want to help Make-A-Wish grant a wish to every eligible child.

We'll be in touch again once the closing date has passed and we've had a chance to review the applications.

In the meantime, check out some of the inspirational wishes our team delivers and other resources about Make-A-Wish. We all loved Josiah’s wish to be a freight train driver (check out the name plate on the train!)

Wish stories

Read about some of the children whose lives have been changed though the magic of a wish.

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Working for Make-A-Wish

Imagine how amazing it would be to make children's wishes come true every day!

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The wish journey

Find out more about how wishes happen, from the initial referral through to the post-wish impact.

Wish journey