Ned's Mr Bean holiday! (07/10/2014)

ned 01

12 year old Ned Hardy was diagnosed with severe epilepsy in 2008, when he was six. Since being diagnosed, Ned has loved watching the film 'Mr Bean's Holiday' as it provides him with an escape from the difficulties of his condition. So we organised Ned's perfect wish - to relive the film on his very own trip to Cannes! Ned's seizures occur predominantly within sleep, whether this...


Claudia's makeover - our 9,000th wish! (01/10/2014)

claudia 01

Claudia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June 2012. Due to treatment Claudia lost her hair and her body changed, which at 15 was difficult to deal with. So Claudia wished for a special makeover and personal shopping experience at two of her...


Clark stars in his own film! (07/09/2014)

clark doyle 01

Seven year old Clark Doyle has a vivid imagination. He loves writing stories and imagines them being made into films, taking inspiration from science fiction stories likes Godzilla. So when we asked Clark what his wish would be, he chose to write his very...


Persian's policeman wish! (20/08/2014)

persian bristoll 01

Four year old Persian Bristoll has always loved policemen, especially his local PCSO George Homer who he sees regularly on the beat! Sadly, Persian was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour in May 2013, but this didn't stop his love of the police and he...


Shealyn meets Helena Bonham Carter! (29/07/2014)

shealyn 01

15 year old Shealyn Magill was born with a severe heart condition. Over the last year her health has deteriorated and she has been unable to carry out her big passion - acting. Shealyn has always admired Helena Bonham Carter for the quirky characters...


Josh's Ferrari experience! (08/07/2014)

josh haygarth 01

Josh Haygarth, from Nantwich, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just a few weeks old. Although he is quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair, Josh has always dreamed of being a race car driver - so we granted his wish to have a fast...


Robert's rhino wish! (03/07/2014)

robert patterson 01

Six year old Robert Patterson, form Lisburn, was born with half a heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) and had his first heart surgery at just two days old. Robert loves animals and zoos, and has a special interest in a particular mammal - the...


Destiny meets Jeremy Kyle! (02/07/2014)

destiny jeremy kyle 01

18 year old Destiny Boyton, from Worcester, was born with Cerebral Palsy. Destiny loves watching Jeremy Kyle because of the lively, interactive nature of the show and never misses an episode, even when in hospital - so we arranged for her to meet her...


Liam meets Spider-Man! (18/06/2014)

liam phillips 01

Diagnosed at just two weeks old, four year old Liam Phillips from Spalding is fighting the recurring cancer Neuroblastoma. Liam loves Spider-Man, especially when he creates 'spider webs' and hunts for the villainous Green Goblin! Liam has always wanted to join Spider-Man in a...


Dylan plays tennis with Andy Murray! (10/06/2014)

dylan andy murray 01

Eight year old Dylan Martin-Harley was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just seven years old. Dylan grew up with tennis and loves to play regularly at his local club in Windsor. Even though Dylan lost sight in one eye after surgery,...

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