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Krish's wish...

“I wish to be a tube driver”

12 years old, Harrow


The number of children in the UK who could benefit from a wish has doubled in the last 15 years, and is set to increase further.

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12- year-old Krish, from Harrow, wished to be a tube driver for the day! 

Krish's story

Krish is living with a rare condition called MCM, meaning that he is developmentally delayed and visually impaired. He has been in and out of hospital since he was 3 months old and has had brain surgery three times.

When Make-A-Wish volunteers visited Krish and his family at home in north London, it was clear that he loved all forms of public transport and enjoyed playing with his toy trains and buses.

Krish and his family sat together on the tube.

Krish and his family on the tube

A perfect day out for Krish is to go Tube-hopping, so his wish was to be a driver on an underground train and London bus for the day!

Krish's wish


On the day, Krish and his family were picked up from their home by stretch limo and were taken to Wembley Park station where the Station Supervisor showed him the CCTV monitors, presented him with his very own Transport for London jacket and beanie, and made a special announcement over the tannoy welcoming him.

Next, TfL’s Matt Francis escorted Krish to the driver’s carriage of a train to Aldgate and under the watchful eye of driver trainer Leslie, he drove the train and used the loudspeaker system to remind passengers to “mind the doors please!” before giving his brothers, Dev and Shiv, a go too!

Krish being shown the controls of an underground train by driver, Leslie.

Krish being shown the controls by Leslie

On the return journey, Krish visited the training simulator at Neasden. He got to experience what it would be like to operate a Tube train in different weather conditions and in emergencies.

After lunch, Krish got to ‘pretend drive’ an electric bus at the Waterloo bus depot and was taken on a short spin through the car wash back to the garage.

Krish at the wheel of a bus

Krish at the wheel of a bus

The day ended in Krish’s favourite restaurant, Blue Zenzer, for a delicious meal after a hard day’s work driving trains and buses around London!

How Krish's wish helped

Recalling the wish, Krish’s mum Aarti said it was “simply amazing” and added: “We will be enjoying Krish’s wish for days and days to come.”

"Krish has worn his TfL jacket to school and the school have called to say how happy he is."

Aarti, Krish's Mum

Krish’s family have since donated an incredible £1000 to us, which will help to grant even more magical wishes.

Thank you to all those that sponsor wishes like Krish's, it makes such a massive difference to seriously ill children's lives.

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Krish and his brothers wearing high visibility jackets at the bus station.

Krish and his brothers in their high visibility jackets at the bus station

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