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West syndrome
I wish to go on holiday to Turkey

Yaseen, from West Sussex, wished to go on holiday to Turkey.

Eight-year-old Yaseen lives in West Sussex with his mum, dad, brother and sister. 

When Yaseen was seven months old, he began fitting and was rushed to hospital. There, he had 65 fits within the space of three days - Mum, Nisa, says it was a really horrible time.

Yaseen was on life support machines for days after his first fits, and he remained in hospital for 20 days. When he regained consciousness, he began fitting again, and it was clear that a very serious illness was affecting Yaseen. 

Yaseen smiling

After several months of tests and uncertainty, doctors diagnosed Yaseen with West syndrome, a severe epilepsy syndrome, causing brain damage and affecting Yaseen’s development. Now he’s older, his fits can be much bigger, and he often wakes up screaming in the night. 

Although he’s unable to walk, speak or eat on his own, mum Nisa says that he’s a soldier. “Life is very different now, but we have adapted. The challenges we face are a gift and, despite everything, Yaseen is such a happy boy. He loves to ‘talk’ with people and to be the centre of attention.”

During one of his regular hospital visits, doctors suggested Yaseen should apply to Make-A-Wish, to help him and his family replace some of the pain and heartbreak they’ve been through with laughter and joy. 

Yaseen isn’t able to choose a wish for himself, so his family chose something they knew he would love – a holiday to Turkey. Yaseen’s dad works very hard and is usually busy, so this wish gave them a chance to take a step back and enjoy quality time together. 

Yaseen on the beach

“We have never been to Turkey before but have wanted to go for a long time,” Nisa explains, “It has so much culture and history, and Yaseen loves visiting new places.

"Wishgranter Steph worked closely with Disabled Holidays to arrange a holiday that would allow the whole family to relax, and enjoy quality time together which created happy memories to last them through whatever the future holds. 

“It was a wonderful experience for us all, we visited places like the Turkish Sea Life Aquarium and Madame Tussauds in Istanbul,” Nisa recalls.

“The hotel staff were so helpful throughout Yaseen’s wish, and we also hired a taxi to help us move Yaseen’s wheelchair, which made getting around much easier and meant Yaseen didn’t miss out on anything. There was delicious food everywhere and the weather was beautiful – Yaseen didn’t stop smiling the whole time!

Yaseen in his wheelchair

"As he’s growing older and travelling becomes more complex, we had worried that we may never get the chance to go on holiday with him, but this has given us the confidence to do it again. We have so many photos but we’ll remember Yaseen’s wish in our hearts forever, for the joy, love and happiness it brought to our family.”

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