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Wish Child Ollie feeding sea turtles on his wish
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
I wished to feed sea turtles


Thanks to supporters who sponsored his wish to feed sea turtles, Ollie’s wish has now been granted!

Oliver (aka Ollie), aged 13, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma after he had a biopsy on a lump that didn’t go away. The news was shocking as he was fit, active and had hardly any symptoms.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma is an aggressive form of cancer that weakens the immune system. Ollie has had to take steroids and undergo chemotherapy to fight the condition.

Oliver, who wishes to feed sea turtles, during treatment

An unbreakable bond

During Ollie’s treatment, his turtle Dylan kept him company, helping him through some challenging times. This was especially true at night, when, due to his treatment, Ollie would often be awake and Dylan would keep him distracted and amused. Ollie loves to care for and feed his turtle so that’s why he wished to feed big sea turtles!

Ollie’s mum, Anna, told us that Dylan gave him a purpose when times were difficult. To read more about Oliver's story from Anna's perspective click here.

Sharks, lizards, snakes and sea turtles!

Thanks to donations, Ollie's wish was granted and we sent him on an exciting trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium.

The family had two nights in a hotel by the beach, and travelled by limo to the Oceanarium, which made them feel like celebrities!

Oliver smiling holding a turtle

After arriving, Ollie was given special permission to go into the enclosures to meet the animals. Laura from the Oceanarium showed Ollie how to chop up the food for the sea turtles and, after Ollie had met sharks, held a lizard and a snake too, it was time to meet his favourite animal, the sea turtle!

Ollie was amazed by how huge the turtles were in real life compared to his own pet turtle, Dylan.

Magical moments

Ollie’s favourite moment was when the sea turtles popped their heads out of the water to catch the food. Since then he has been trying to encourage Dylan to feed from his hand on the little island in his tank at home!

Anna, Ollie’s Mum, says “This trip gave Ollie something to look forward to after his chemotherapy, and what was so lovely was that all the family just relaxed – we could take our minds off hospital trips and treatment and just be a normal family.”

Strength for the future

“The wish has given Ollie the positivity and confidence to strive to go on,” added Anna. “Ollie hasn’t ever grumbled or moaned about his condition and always tries to go to school as much as possible. His treatment has had to be the priority and it’s been difficult for us all.

To have these incredible memories and spend time together as a family is wonderful. And for Ollie to know that someone wanted to grant his one true wish made him feel so special. He was blown away by the whole experience.”

Oliver and family stood by a limo

Back to school!

In the few weeks since his wish, Ollie had an MRI scan and has been given the all-clear. Now in remission, Ollie has been excited to return to school and see his friends.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to help make Ollie’s wish possible! 

Accommodation £600; Transport £1,020; Meals £350; Tickets £400; Expenses £60; Total £2,430;

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