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Jasmi jumping and smiling
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
I wish to go to Paris!

Seven year old Jasmi from Bury St Edmonds is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a form of cancer. She's currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Like many children her age, Jasmi loves fashion so,when she turned to us, she wished to visit Paris, the fashion capital of the world!

Jasmi is a happy and confident young lady who has many interests, but fashion is her main love. A keen designer herself, Jasmi's creative talent shines through in her diverse range of designs, one of which we hope to bring to life and have made by a designer in Paris.

Jasmi has always wanted to visit Paris "because they all wear awesome clothes and one day I would love to live there." When asked specifically 'why Paris?' Jasmi replied, "because it is the city of romance!"

Jasmi's 'joie de vivre' and passion for Paris is clear to see, so please help make her wish come true by donating today. Your support is invaluable. Merci beacoup!

Accommodation £660; Transport £790; Meals £360; Tours/tickets £670; Expenses £670; Total £3,150;

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