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I wish to swim with dolphins and give them cuddles

Caitlin is now on her wish, all her kind supporters will be updated soon on her wish.

Caitlin, aged 7, lives in Glasgow with her Mum, Pauline. She is living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and has limited communication and vision. Caitlin's condition means her muscles are stiff and tight (especially when trying to move them quickly), making it difficult to move and reducing her range of movement.

Caitlin loves going to the beach, playing in the sand, building sandcastles with her mum and watching the fishes swim! 

For her wish, Caitlin wants to go to Albufeira in Portugal to swim with dolphins where she'd like to give the dolphins "kisses and cuddles." Caitlin told us that she can't wait to go in the water and play in the sand with her mum. Swimming with dolphins will be therapeutic for Caitlin, giving her time away from hospital visits and allowing her to have quality time with her mum. 

Going to the beach in Portugal will be super special for Caitlin – you can help turn Caitlin's wish into a magical reality by donating today.

To read about Caitlin from her mums perspective click here.

Accommodation £1,830; Meals £300; Flight Tickets £200; Other costs £50; Total £2,380;

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